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How customers use customer accounts

After you enable customer accounts or purchase a Member Areas subscription, customers, donors, and members can log into their accounts to manage their information and view orders. This guide covers how customers create and manage their own accounts.

This guide focuses on customers who create accounts for online stores, but the information also applies to donors and members of member areas.

How a customer creates their account

After you enable customer accounts, your customers can create an account during checkout or by using a Sign In link in your navigation menu.

After creating an account, customers will receive a Welcome email.

Tip: You can customize this email to match your store’s brand and include important information.

Create an account at checkout

After customers enter their email, shipping, and billing information, they can check Create an account for faster checkout and create a password for their new account. Customer account passwords must be at least 10 characters.

They can also choose to save their payment information. Customers can save credit card information, but not PayPal or Apple Pay.

Customers who buy subscription products must have an account with saved billing information. If they don’t have an account, they’ll be prompted to create one at checkout.

Note: Only the last four digits of saved payment methods will display.



Sign In link

Enabling customer accounts adds a Sign In link in your navigation menu. Customers can use this link to create a new account or log in to an existing one.

The Sign In link’s design and placement depends on your template. With templates in the Brine family, you can choose to hide the Sign In link or change its style and placement. Learn more in the Brine template guide.



Checking out with a customer account

Customers with accounts can log in at checkout by clicking Sign in below the Email field.


Then, they can select a saved shipping address and payment method to complete checkout faster. They can also check out with different billing and shipping details. 


How customers sign in and manage their information

Customers log in using the Sign In link in your navigation menu. When logged in, the link changes to Account.

After they’re logged in, they can click the Account link to:

  • View their orders and donations
  • Manage their subscriptions
  • View and manage their member area memberships
  • Add and update billing information
  • Add and update shipping addresses for future one-time orders. To change the shipping address for subscriptions, customers must cancel the subscription and re-subscribe using different shipping details.
  • Update their name or password

Via the order email

Customers can also click the View order link in order emails. This opens a new tab or window where they can log into their account and view their order.


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How customers use customer accounts