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Selling gift cards

Gift cards are a special product that recipients can use as payment for orders from your online store. Every purchased gift card has a unique code. When a customer purchases a gift card, they can email the code to their recipient or themselves.

When redeeming a gift card code at checkout, customers will see the card value subtracted from their order total. They can also see the balance remaining on the gift card.

To see the customer experience, visit How customers use gift cards.

Gift cards are only available on the Commerce Advanced plan

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Understanding gift cards

Purchasing a gift card sends an email with a unique gift card code to your customer or their recipient. Customers can print gift card codes, but they aren't available as physical, plastic cards.

Here’s an example gift card email: 


To see what your store's gift card email looks like, run a test order. It's not possible to customize the email.

Step 1 - Create a gift card 

When adding a new product, select Gift Card.


Step 2 - Edit the gift card information

  1. Enter a title for the gift card in the Name field. The Name field is set as "Gift Card" by default. This name only displays on the product's page, not on the gift card email or .pdf.
  2. Add details about the gift card to the Description field. By default, the Description field contains an explanation of how gift cards work.
    Tip: You can add tags and categories to gift cards like any other product.


  1. Click the Upload images arrow in the image field or drag and drop images from your computer to add an image. You can add multiple images.

Step 3 - Set gift card values

Gift card values will appear in a drop-down menu on the product details page so customers can select their desired amount. In the Values tab, you can:

  • Click an amount in the Values column to edit it.
  • Click the trash can icon to remove a value. 
  • Click the icon to add a new value.
Note: It isn’t possible to let customers enter a custom value.


Step 4 - Save

Click Save & Publish to publish the gift card to your Products Page. This sets the gift card as available for purchase.

If you're adding a gift card that isn't available for purchase yet, click Save (but not Save & Publish) to keep the gift card Hidden until you're ready to list it. For more information, visit Editing products.

Hide or delete a gift card

You can remove gift cards from your store by hiding or deleting them. If you delete or unlist a gift card, recipients can still use previously purchased gift cards.

Cancel and refund a gift card

You can cancel and refund unused gift cards with these steps:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Orders.
  2. Click the gift card order to open the order summary.
  3. Click Cancel Gift Card.
  4. Click Confirm.

Partially used gift cards can't be refunded. Refunding a gift card issues a full refund. It isn't possible to partially refund a gift card.

View purchased gift cards

Review the Orders panel to see usage information about gift cards you've sold. 

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Orders.
  2. Click View gift cards. 

You can see who received the gift card, its initial value, and how much value is remaining. You can also see the last time the gift card was used, or the date of sale if it hasn't been used. 

Export gift cards

To export a .csv file of purchased gift cards, click Export in the top-right corner of the gift cards panel. Open the file in a spreadsheet editor like Excel or Google Sheets to view the details, including full gift card numbers.

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Selling gift cards