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Google says "This site may be hacked"

In Google search results, you might see a message below your site title and URL that says "This site may be hacked." Use this guide to resolve the issue.


Why is this happening?

Google applies this message to sites when they notice something that seems suspicious, which can include normal content, especially if it has external text formatting.

This means that the message was most likely triggered by content you added to your site, not by hackers. You can use Google Search Console to figure out what's causing the message and remove it.

Squarespace sites come with a free SSL certificate to provide a secure connection for visitors. We use many other methods to protect our customers, including regular security scans  and industry-developed and proprietary tools to guard against potential intruders, DDoS attacks, and other vulnerabilities.

Remove the message using Google Search Console

Step 1 - Verify your site

Follow these steps to verify your site using Google Search Console.

Step 2 - Check for security issues

After you verify your site, log into Google Search Console and check the Security Issues section to see what triggered the message. Then, remove the content causing the issue.

Step 3 - Request a review

After you've removed the content, request a review. If everything looks good, Google will remove the message.

Note: Google Search Console falls outside the scope of Squarespace support. For more help with these steps, visit Google's documentation.
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Google says "This site may be hacked"