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Switching from Marquee to Brine

The Marquee template family (Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Mint, and Shift) has been discontinued.

If you're currently using a template in the Marquee family, your site will stay online, and you can continue to use and edit the template. However, newer template families have more options, and typically work more seamlessly than older templates. Additionally, if any bugs or issues arise in discontinued templates, fixing them is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current templates.

For these reasons, we often recommend switching to a newer template family.

This guide walks you through the basic steps for switching from a template in the Marquee family to one in the Brine family. We recommend switching to the Brine family as it has the most similarities with Marquee's functionality, including:

  • Stacked index page
  • Parallax scroll
  • Banner images and videos

Step 1 - Prepare to switch

Although all your content will transfer, your style settings will reset to the new template's defaults after you switch templates.

Before switching templates, we recommend you open site styles and take note of your fonts and colors, so you can reproduce them in the new template.

Step 2 - Preview the new template

  1. In the Home menu, click Design, then click Template.
  2. Click Install new template.
  3. Use the list below to find and install the best option based on your current template.
  4. Preview the template.

For more help, visit Switching templates.

If your current template is...

Switch to...















Step 3 - Adjust the style options

Adjust the settings in site styles until you achieve a similar look as your current site. In particular, experiment with the style settings for the features that are notably different in the Brine family:

For more help, visit Brine template guide and Brine site styles tweaks.

Step 4 - Adjust index page banners

In the Brine family, layout page index sections display the page featured image as a background image, rather than a banner at the top of the section.

To recreate the look of a Marquee family banner:

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. Click the gear-icon for a page within the index.
  3. In the General tab, click Duplicate page. You now have two identical content sections.
  4. Move the duplicated page from the not linked section into your index.
  5. Remove the page content from the top content section, so it just displays as a banner. Page titles don't display as headers automatically in Brine, so add them as a new text block with Heading 1 formatting.
  6. Remove the featured image from the bottom content section, so it just displays the page content.
Tip: The Brine family also supports gallery Index sections.



Step 5 - Add page banner text

In the Marquee family, the page title and description display over banners. In the Brine family, the intro area displays instead. This is an open blocks area, which gives you more formatting options. Edit each intro area to add text, buttons, images, and more.

Note: Brine doesn't support collection item banners for individual blog posts, events, and products.

Step 6 - Adjust collection pages

If your site has any of these page types, see the notes below.

Album page

In Brine, the album page supports a page banner.

Blog page

The Brine family has different options for the blog page layout, including a grid layout. The Columns layout isn't supported. To learn about styling options, visit Grid/stacked blog pages.

Events pages

The Brine family has the option to show past events. If you don't want past events to display, uncheck the Show past events tweak in site styles.

The Columns layout isn't supported in the Brine family. To learn about style options, visit events pages.

Gallery page

In Brine, the gallery page supports a page banner.

Store page

Brine supports the advanced store page.

Step 7 - Publish the template

When you're ready, click Set as live template in the bottom bar. For more help, visit Switching templates.

Switch back

As long as you leave the Marquee family template installed on your site, you'll be able to switch back to it if needed.

For example, after switching to Brine, you can temporarily preview Marquee to check the name of a font or color you used. The changes you made to the Brine template will be saved.

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Switching from Marquee to Brine