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Domain transfers FAQ

This guide answers common questions about transferring a domain to Squarespace.

Is my domain eligible to transfer to Squarespace?

Before starting the transfer process, ensure your domain meets these requirements from Squarespace and ICANN, the organization that oversees domain registration:

  • Your domain’s TLD must be supported by Squarespace.
  • Your domain must be unlocked.
  • Your domain’s Whois privacy must be disabled.
  • You’ll need access to a valid domain administrator email address to approve the transfer request.

We also recommend reviewing your domain’s account settings with your current provider to ensure that nothing will be disrupted by transferring, such as email or other add-ons. 

For the full list of requirements and details, visit Transferring a domain to Squarespace.

How long will the transfer take?

The speed of your domain transfer depends on your current domain provider. Some domains transfer within one day, while others can take closer to 15 days to complete. By keeping the recommended transfer settings intact, you shouldn’t experience any domain downtime.

How much does transferring cost?

The transfer is free, but ICANN requires a one-year extension of your domain registration, which you’ll purchase through Squarespace. You'll keep the time remaining on your current registration, plus an additional year.

For example, if you have six months left on your registration with your original provider and you transfer your domain to Squarespace, your domain will be set to renew in 18 months. Your renewal date will be the same as it was with your previous host, plus one year.   

At the transfer checkout page, you’ll see the fee for this one year of domain service. The fee is based on your domain’s TLD. If you’re eligible for a free Squarespace Domain, you won’t be charged for the first additional year.

You can also verify the domain’s new renewal date at the checkout page, or at any time in your Domains panel. Squarespace Domains are charged 15 days in advance of the listed renewal date.

Should I transfer my domain or connect it?

For most users, we recommend transferring your domain to Squarespace. This allows you to manage all aspects of your site in one place, without needing a separate domain service. However, if your domain isn’t eligible for transfer, or if you need to keep it hosted with your current provider, connecting can be a useful alternative.

To learn more, visit Transferring vs. connecting domains.

Will the free domain offer still apply to me?

If you’re transferring to a website that’s on an annual plan and you’re using an eligible TLD, you can redeem the free domain offer during the transfer. When you confirm the transfer on Squarespace, you’ll see the credit in the order summary.

Will my domain include SSL?

Yes, as long as you've already enabled SSL for your site. After your transfer is complete, we'll issue an SSL certificate for your new Squarespace Domain. 

Will my website content transfer with the domain?

No. Transferring your domain only moves your domain hosting and related DNS settings to Squarespace. Your site content stays hosted with your website provider.

If you’re moving your current website to Squarespace, review Moving an existing site to Squarespace before transferring your domain. 

Will my email transfer with my domain?

If you have a custom email address hosted with your domain provider, you can transfer your email account’s MX records to Squarespace while transferring your domain. This keeps your email account hosted with your current email provider and linked to your domain on Squarespace. You’ll still manage your email account with your original provider.

To stop using your email provider and move your email account to Squarespace, you can create a G Suite account that’s managed through your Squarespace site. After transferring your domain, follow our steps for migrating your email to G Suite.

Will I still own my domain after I transfer it?

Yes. After transferring to Squarespace, you'll still own your domain, but it'll be managed by Squarespace rather than your previous third-party provider. After the transfer is complete, your domain is officially a Squarespace Domain.  

Should I keep my account with my previous domain provider?

In most cases, you can cancel your domain account with your previous provider after the transfer is complete. You'll now manage all domain settings and billing through Squarespace. We recommend contacting your provider before cancelling to ensure that you won't lose access to any special features, such as email or advanced settings. 

Can I access my email during the transfer?

If you have a custom email address linked to your domain, you may experience email downtime during your transfer.

Before transferring your domain to Squarespace, we recommend contacting your current email provider to ensure that there won’t be any restrictions or issues by moving to Squarespace. We also recommend backing up any essential emails, contacts, or settings you may need.

Can I transfer a subdomain?

It’s not possible to transfer a subdomain to Squarespace, but you can create one after transferring. There’s no cost to create a subdomain.

To use a subdomain, transfer the subdomain’s root domain, then follow our instructions for creating a Squarespace subdomain.

Why do I see my old site at my domain?

If your domain was previously linked to a different, non-Squarespace site, after ensuring your domain successfully transferred to Squarespace, you may need to clear your browser's cache to see the new site.

Why did my transfer fail?

If your domain fails to transfer, you’ll get an email from Squarespace. There are a few reasons why this might happen:

  • Your domain registration information was entered incorrectly. When confirming the registration details, ensure that all required fields are correct.
  • You entered the authorization code incorrectly, or the code expired. For accuracy, we recommend copying the code directly from your provider, then pasting in the authorization box.
  • The domain administrator email is incorrect, or you don’t have access to it. To change this email, contact your original domain provider.
  • You waited more than five days to click the authorization link in your email. After five days, the pending transfer cancels automatically.
  • Your domain’s Whois privacy was re-enabled. Even if you disabled it at the beginning of the transfer process, you’ll need to keep it disabled until your domain is fully transferred to Squarespace.
  • Your domain was activated with your current provider within the last 60 days.
  • Your original provider denied the transfer. Contact your provider for more details.

For each situation, you may want to remove the transfer before trying again.

Tip: If you’re experiencing many of these issues, you may want to keep your domain hosted with your current provider and connect it to Squarespace instead.
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Domain transfers FAQ