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Using Zoho Mail with your Squarespace Domain

You can use Zoho Mail to set up custom email addresses using the same Squarespace Domain that you use with your site.

Tip: If you don't have email for your domain yet, we recommend signing up for G Suite through Squarespace instead. With G Suite by Google, you can get custom email addresses for domains on your site, billed directly through Squarespace. You'll also get access to other G Suite features like Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Antes de comenzar

  • You must have an existing account with Zoho.
  • You must have a custom Squarespace Domain. If you're using a third-party custom domain, contact your domain provider for help adding Zoho Mail.
  • Your domain can't already be connected to G Suite or another custom email account.  

Step 1 - Get your unique CNAME

After you've signed up with Zoho, you'll need to verify that you own the domain name by adding records to your domain in Squarespace.

Note: When you first sign up for Zoho, you'll follow a setup wizard that takes you directly to your unique CNAME, so you can skip to Step 2.

Log into the Zoho Control Panel by selecting Mail & Docs from the Control Panel drop-down.


Haz clic en Dominios.


Follow Zoho’s steps to add a domain for mail hosting, then generate a unique CNAME. You’ll use this code to help verify the domain through Squarespace, so we recommend copying and pasting it somewhere safe.

Note: Zoho offers specific instructions to verify your domain on Squarespace using Open SRS. We now use Advanced DNS Settings instead of Open SRS, so we recommend following the steps below instead of Zoho’s instructions for Squarespace.

Step 2 - Add CNAME

En el Menú de Inicio, haz clic en Configuración y, luego, en Dominios.

Click the domain you're linking with Zoho, and then click Advanced Settings to open this domain's DNS records. For detailed steps, visit Opening DNS Settings.

Scroll down to Custom Records and select CNAME from the drop-down menu.


Add your CNAME records:

  1. In the www field, add your unique Zoho CNAME.
  2. In the Enter alias data field, enter
  3. Haz clic en Agregar.
Note: Don't delete other CNAMEs that you may have added previously.


Click Save at the top of the page.

Step 3 - Add preset MX records

In the same Advanced Settings panel, select Zoho Mail from the Add Presets drop-down menu.


You'll now have two MX records in place to send and receive mail from your Zoho account.

Note: It can take 30 to 45 minutes for any DNS changes to process.


Cómo agregar registros MX a sitios europeos

Si estás en la UE, debes añadir manualmente los registros MX de Zoho Mail al panel Configuración avanzada:

  1. Desplázate hacia abajo hasta Registros personalizados y selecciona MX en el menú desplegable.
  2. En la columna Prioridad, escribe 10.
  3. En el campo Introducir servidor de correo, escribe
  4. Haz clic en Agregar.
  5. Añade un segundo registro MX para con una prioridad de 20.
Nota: No agregues registros MX para las versiones .com y .eu del servidor de Zoho Mail. Si lo haces, podría impedirte enviar o recibir correos electrónicos.

Step 4 - Add DKIM and SPF records

Zoho recommends adding DKIM and SPF records for further authentication of your account. Both records help prove to recipients that your email is genuine and that no one is impersonating your account.

Add a DKIM record

  1. In your Zoho account, follow Zoho’s instructions to generate a unique TXT record, which acts as your domain key. This will be a long string of letters, numbers, and symbols.
  2. In your Squarespace Advanced DNS Settings, scroll down to Custom Records.
  3. Elige TXT en el menú desplegable Registro.
  4. In the Host field, enter a name for your text record followed by ._domainkey. For example, if you want to name your record “zoho,” your full host record should look like this: 
Note: Zoho asks you to include your full domain name as part of the Host value, but you don’t need to add this. Squarespace adds the domain name automatically on the backend.
  1. In the Data field, paste the TXT record that you generated from Zoho.
  2. Haz clic en Agregar.

Add an SPF record

  1. In your Squarespace Advanced DNS Settings, scroll down to Custom Records.
  2. Choose TXT from the Record drop-down.
  3. In the Host field, enter @.
  4. In the Data field, enter v=spf1 ~all
  5. Click Add.

For more help, see Zoho’s documentation on using DKIM records and SPF records.

Step 5 - Verify your domain

In your Zoho account, click Verify by CNAME at the bottom of the Domain Setup screen.


When your Zoho DNS Zone is updated, you'll see a success message.

On this page, create the administrator email address you'll use for Zoho. This will be the first part of your custom email address, like

Click Create Account to complete the setup.

Para obtener más ayuda

For more help with settings in your Zoho account, contact their support team. You can also visit their documentation.

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