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Licensed content

When you build a Squarespace site or create posts and videos through our apps and services, you may be using licensed content, and there are limits to how you can use it. This includes certain fonts and music that we’ve licensed from third-parties for your use on our platform.

This guide summarizes what content is licensed content on Squarespace, and the rules for its use. For the complete terms, visit Section 4 of our Product Specific Terms.

Note: This guide is available as a resource, but should not be construed or relied upon in any way as legal advice.


These fonts in Squarespace are licensed from third-parties for use by customers:

You can only use licensed fonts as they are intended and permitted to be used by our apps and services. For example, if you use a licensed font on your website, you may not be able to use it in an Unfold story unless it’s made available as an option in the Unfold mobile app. You can’t download, modify, or reproduce licensed fonts and you may not be able to use licensed fonts outside of Squarespace, including on other website platforms.


The only licensed music in Squarespace is the music available through Squarespace beta video products. This music is licensed through Jingle Punks. You may not use videos containing music from the Squarespace beta video products in non-digital media, such as television or billboards. You can use the music in videos you create with Squarespace beta video products, but otherwise the music may not be:

  • Modified or downloaded
  • Reproduced
  • Re-sold
  • Made available for other people to use or download
  • Used in a manner which represents yourself as the music’s original creator
  • Used without video content
  • Used to create products like e-cards, ringtones, and screensavers
  • Used in logos, trademarks, or other branding
  • Used in software applications or video games

If you want to do more with music, or videos containing music, from the Squarespace beta video products, you can contact Jingle Punks.

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