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Email Campaigns subscriber verification

Having subscribers verify that they want to be added to your mailing list reduces the chances that your emails will be marked as spam.

Newsletter Blocks and promotional pop-up subscriptions require verification by email and/or Google reCAPTCHA when using an Email Campaigns mailing list for storage. Use this guide to learn about the two options.

Verification options

To review verification options:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Marketing, click Email Campaigns, then click Settings.
  2. Click Verification Options.

For Newsletter Blocks and promotional pop-ups using an Email Campaigns mailing list for storage, you must enable at least one of these options:

Verification options aren't available for:

If you live in the EU, you might want to check to ensure your verification settings comply with local regulations.

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Confirmation email

When confirmation emails are enabled, new subscribers receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription before they're added to an Email Campaigns list.

To disable confirmation emails, enable Google reCAPTCHA instead.

Customize the confirmation email

To customize the confirmation email:

  1. In the Email Campaigns panel, click Settings, then click Verification Options.
  2. Click Customize Email.
  3. Customize the email's text and add or rearrange sections. To learn more, visit Building email campaigns.
  4. Edit the Subject and Email Preview Text. The default subject line uses email personalization to insert your site title automatically, so ensure you edit your subject if you don't want your site title to appear.
  5. Style the email to fit your brand.
  6. Click Save.

It's not possible to:

  • Add blog or product sections to this email
  • Delete the Confirm subscription button
  • Select a sender profile. The confirmation email automatically uses the first sender profile you created and verified

Google reCAPTCHA

Google reCAPTCHA prompts subscribers to complete a task, like checking a box or identifying a string of letters, to prove that they’re not robots.

You can enable this by adding Google reCAPTCHA API keys in the External API keys panel, or directly in the Verification tab for Newsletter Blocks and promotional pop-ups. To learn more, visit Adding Google reCAPTCHA to forms.

After enabling, you can disable confirmation emails by checking Turn on reCAPTCHA and unchecking Send confirmation email in the Verification tab for each form. If you want subscribers to verify with both reCAPTCHA and confirmation email, leave Send confirmation email checked.

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Email Campaigns subscriber verification