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Troubleshooting two-factor authentication

This guide covers troubleshooting tips for enabling and logging in with two-factor authentication.

To enable two-factor authentication, visit Protect your account with two-factor authentication.

I've lost or broken my phone

If you printed or saved your backup codes during setup, use them to access your account by following these steps. If you don't have your backup codes, contact us.

Tip: Check to see if you’re logged in on a different device. If so, you can temporarily disable two-factor authentication to access to your account on a new device.

If you use an authentication app

If you enabled two-factor authentication via an authentication app and you got a new phone, set up two-factor authentication again on your new device.

  1. Temporarily disable two-factor authentication in your account settings.
  2. Click Set Up beside Authentication App to re-enable it.

This time, you’ll scan the QR code from the authentication app on your new device.

If you receive a text message

If you have a new phone number and receive two-factor authentication codes via text message: 

  1. Temporarily disable two-factor authentication in your account settings.
  2. Click Set Up beside Text Message to re-enable it with a new phone number.

I didn't receive a text message

If you didn’t receive a text message with your authentication code, this could be for a few reasons. Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

Review the recipient phone number

The login screen displays the last four digits of the phone number the code was sent to.


  • If you no longer have access to this number, use your backup codes. If you didn’t print them, contact us.
  • If the page doesn’t display a partial phone number, use the authentication app to get your six-digit code. Or, click Use a different method and then select Text message to receive a text.

If you enabled both two-factor authentication methods, you won’t receive a text message immediately. Use the authentication app to get your code instead. Or, to receive a text message, click Use a different method and then select Text message.

Ensure you're connected to a network

If you have limited cell service, ensure your phone is connected to a wireless network.

Send a new code

If you have access to the recipient phone number and you’re connected to a network, send the text message again.

  1. On the login screen, click Use a different method.
  2. Click Text message.

This will send a new code via text message to the phone number you used to set up two-factor authentication.

Contact Customer Support

If you followed the steps above and still have trouble logging in, contact us.

I can't install the authentication app

If you don't have a smartphone or aren't able to install apps, enable two-factor authentication via text message. You can also visit Security tips for protecting your account to see other options for increasing your account security.

My country isn't listed in the drop-down menu

If you don’t see your country listed in the country code drop-down menu, two-factor authentication via text message isn’t available in your area yet. Enable two-factor authentication via an authentication app instead.

I can't log into the mobile apps

If you can't log into Squarespace mobile apps after enabling two-factor authentication, update the app to the most recent version. If you log out of an app, you'll need an authentication code to log back in.

I can't connect with Git or SFTP

If you've enabled developer mode on sites with two-factor authentication or social account login, your regular password won't work when connecting with Git or SFTP. To log in, generate an app password.

If you need to connect with Git or SFTP again while two-factor authentication or social login is enabled, generate a new app password.

Error messages

Use this section to learn about error messages you may see with two-factor authentication.

Message Next steps
Code is incorrect

You'll see this message if the code you entered is incorrect or expired. If it's only been a few seconds, double-check your entry and try again. 

If you used an authentication app:

Codes generated by Google Authenticator disappear after 30 seconds and expire at 60 seconds. After a code expires, you can't use it to log in. 

If trying a new code doesn't work, ensure your phone's time is set to automatically update to your local time zone. If you've manually set your phone to a different time, your authenticator codes won't work. 

If you received a text message:

After checking your entry for errors, send a new code and try again. Codes sent via text message expire after five minutes. 

More troubleshooting

If you still can't log in after using a fresh code and your phone's time is correct: 

  • If you've already set up two-factor authentication, try your backup codes
  • If you're currently setting up two-factor authentication, contact us.
You've requested too many codes. Make sure your phone number is correct and try again later. You'll see this message if you tried to request more than 10 codes within one hour. Wait an hour before trying to log in again. 
Invalid phone number

You'll see this message during setup if the phone number you entered is invalid, or in an invalid format. 

Try again, ensuring you select the correct country from the drop-down menu. Then, enter your phone number without the country code. For example, if you have a US number, you should only enter 10 digits. 

Yes: 555-555-5555

No: 1-555-555-5555

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Troubleshooting two-factor authentication