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Email campaign unsubscribes

An email campaign's footer always displays an Unsubscribe link. When someone unsubscribes from a campaign, their name and email address are removed from all your mailing lists.

Unsubscribes are normal, but if you're seeing an unusually high number of unsubscribes after one campaign, think about its content and why people might be reacting negatively.

What they see

When someone clicks Unsubscribe, they'll see the option to resubscribe:


If they click Subscribe again, they'll see a confirmation that they've been added back to the mailing list:


Tip: We deactivate unsubscribe links in test emails so they don't affect your Unsubscribe analytics.

Track unsubscribes

To see who unsubscribed after a specific campaign:

  1. In the Email Campaigns dashboard, click Sent.
  2. Open any sent email.
  3. Click the Unsubscribed row in the table below the graph.

To see all the addresses that have been removed from a specific mailing list:

  1. In the Email Campaigns dashboard, click Mailing List.
  2. Click the mailing list.
  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose Unsubscribed or Cleaned.

The Unsubscribed by column displays how the address was removed from the list: 

  • Recipient - The email recipient unsubscribed.
  • Contributor - The site owner or a contributor removed the address from the mailing list.

To learn more about measuring the impact of your campaigns, visit Tracking email campaign analytics.

Unsubscribed vs. cleaned

People are removed from your mailing lists automatically when they click the unsubscribe link, when they mark your email as spam, or when their address is "cleaned."

Cleaned addresses are ones that we automatically remove because they "hard bounce." A hard bounce is when our system sends an email and discovers that no inbox exists for that address. This could be due to fake or misspelled email addresses, or an email account that has been discontinued. Removing these email addresses reduces bounce rates and helps improve deliverability for all your campaigns.

Tip: In Email Campaigns analytics, the unsubscribe number includes everyone who unsubscribed or was manually removed from a mailing list as well as "cleaned" addresses.

Unsubscribe link style

The unsubscribe link is part of a campaign's footer and has limited styling options. The font of the link text follows the campaign's global text link styles and the color is always either black or white, depending on the background color. This ensures that users can see and use the link at all times.

Tip: Learn why it's important to make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe.
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Email campaign unsubscribes