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Connecting your domain to Cloudflare

Squarespace protects your site and its content by offering free SSL certificates for all domains, and automatically backing up your content to multiple Tier III data centers across the United States. Squarespace is built to support high-traffic sites, and most users won't need Cloudflare's services. If you have advanced needs, you can connect Cloudflare for additional protection.

Connect your domain to Cloudflare

When you connect your Squarespace domain to Cloudflare, you’ll need to change your domain’s nameservers. If you have a Squarespace domain, visit Nameservers and DNSSEC for Squarespace domains for detailed steps. If you have a third-party domain, contact your domain provider for help. For more help, see Cloudflare's Help Center.

Who to contact for support

Cloudflare falls outside the scope of Squarespace support. If you use Cloudflare, we recommend contacting them for help or visiting the Cloudflare Help Center. See this Cloudflare article for information about adding DNS records to Cloudflare to support various third-party software, including Squarespace.

For more help, you can also visit the Squarespace Forum, our customer and developer forum.

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