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Creating a great logo

Adding a logo to your site can be a great way to link your site with your overall brand. An iconic logo creates a powerful hook, helping visitors remember your site and its message.

This guide offers tips for creating your logo, whether you’re using our logo maker or designing it with other software.

1. Find what’s unique about you

Whether you’re designing for a business or personal brand, the name is a great place to start. For personal brands, using your given name can make it easier for people aware of your work to find you. If your site is for a business or project, creating a memorable name is the first step to crafting an iconic logo.

If you’re less than confident in your design abilities, you can use our logo maker, Squarespace Logo, to design a beautiful and unique logo in a few steps. Even if you’re working with a professional designer, playing around with Squarespace Logo can help refine your ideas and make it easier to communicate them.

For step-by-step instruction, visit Using Squarespace Logo.

2. Keep it simple

It’s easy to create an overly complex logo, cramming every important detail into the image and text. However, a simple logo can say a lot—without the visual clutter! A memorable logo expresses your idea through a powerful, focused design.

Like great web design, the best logos keep the number of fonts and colors to a minimum. Fewer features, expressed boldly, creates greater impact and eliminates that feel of “too much going on.”

3. The fundamentals of a great logo

Online, on mobile, or on the back of a business card, the right logo reflects your brand under any circumstance. Since your logo will be viewed at various sizes and resolutions, it’s important to keep a few design principles in mind.

Not all logos need a graphic component. Sometimes artfully arranged text is enough, and the right font can say a lot about your brand. Most design programs let you change the size, shape, and distance between the letters in your logo to achieve the desired feel.

While it’s wise to let letters breathe, don’t overdo it. Different font spacing gives your logo a different character. Generous space between letters is more typical of modern design, while less space can feel old-fashioned.

Finally, the logo you choose will be an extension of your identity. Whether it’s styled text or a minimalist icon, the logo should look good in black and white, at various sizes, and be recognizably unique as yours. If your logo looks good small, your audience will be able to recognize it at any size.

Tip: After you've created a logo, learn how to add it to your site
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Creating a great logo