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Editing contributor permissions

To change what a contributor can edit in your Squarespace site, you can edit their permissions in the Permissions panel. Only the Site Owner and Administrators can edit contributor permissions.

For help choosing the right permissions, visit Squarespace permissions explained.

Before you begin

  • Contributors can't edit their own permissions.
  • Administrators can edit the permissions of any other contributor, except the Site Owner. This includes other Administrators, not only contributors with lower permission levels. 
  • Squarespace doesn't support per-page editing permissions.

Edit permissions

To edit permissions:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Permissions.
  2. In the Contributors with permissions section, click the contributor's name.
  3. Check or uncheck the permissions (also known as user roles) based on the areas of your site this contributor can manage. You can check multiple permissions. For more information about available permissions, visit Squarespace permissions explained.
  4. Click Save.

Contributors without permissions

The Contributors Without Permissions section is a placeholder for contributors without access that you haven't removed from your site. From here, you can grant permissions again or remove them entirely.

  1. Tap Settings, then tap Permissions.
  2. Tap a contributor’s name.
  3. A list of permissions will open. Switch the toggles beside the permissions on or off. You can enable multiple permissions. For more information about available permissions, visit Squarespace permissions explained.
  4. Tap Save.

Remove a contributor

If a contributor doesn't need access to edit your site (for example, if they're no longer with your company) remove their contributor profile.

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Editing contributor permissions