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Device View

With Device View, you can preview how your site appears on mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. This is a great way to test your site's responsive design as you edit and make style changes on the fly.

How it works

Move your mouse above the site preview frame and click the arrow to show the device icons. Click an icon to preview your site's appearance on the corresponding device.


Visitors don't see Device View. Device View is a tool for you to use when you're logged in and managing your site.

Device View gives you a general idea of how your site appears on a typical mobile browser. It's not 100% accurate for every phone or tablet.

While Device View represents the typical mobile experience, some discrepancies are unavoidable. Window sizes vary between devices, and some templates' features will look or behave differently on an actual mobile device than they do in Device View. For more information, visit your template's guide.

To leave your site in desktop view as you edit, select the desktop view.

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