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Adding a mobile information bar

The mobile information bar displays your business information in a banner at the bottom of your site when viewing it on a mobile device, giving visitors quick access to your contact information on the go. It appears when you're at the top of a page and disappears as you scroll down.

Mobile information bars are a premium feature available in Business and Commerce plans.

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What displays in a mobile information bar

The mobile information bar can include these buttons:

  • Email - Opens an email to your email address
  • Call - Prompts a call to your phone number
  • Map - Opens a map with a pin on your location
  • Hours - Opens your business hours and shows if your business is currently open or closed

The bar doesn't display when viewing sites on computer browsers or tablets, or on cover pages in version 7.0.


Tip: Some templates offer more customizable mobile bars.

Add a mobile information bar

To add a mobile information bar:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Mobile Information Bar.
  2. Select Enable Mobile Info Bar (Dark) or Enable Mobile Info Bar (Light) from the drop-down menu.
  3. Add or check the information to show in the mobile information bar. You can show an email address, phone number, location, and business hours. This information pulls from business information settings.
  4. To change any details, click Edit.
  5. Click Save to publish your changes.


The mobile information bar isn't displaying

First, check if you enabled the mobile information bar by following the steps above.

If it's enabled but you're still not seeing it, some text entered in business information settings might have a formatting issue called "nonbreaking spaces." Nonbreaking spaces can happen if text was pasted from a service or text editor outside of Squarespace. In HTML, these appear as  .

To fix this, delete any text you copied or pasted into business information settings, and then type the text instead of copying and pasting.

The mobile information bar shows an incorrect location

If the mobile information bar map shows an incorrect location, ensure that you've added the correct location in business information settings.

If the address is correct but the map shows a different address, add the address again and ensure you select the address from the Google Maps drop-down menu that appears. This will automatically complete the address and update the map. The map won't update if the address is added manually.

The mobile information bar says my business is closed

If the mobile information bar says your business is closed even when it's open, ensure first that your business hours are correct in business information settings.

If your business hours are correct but the mobile information bar still says your business is closed, ensure that your time zone is correct in language and region settings.

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