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Using Pinterest with Squarespace

You can connect your Pinterest account to your Squarespace site. This lets you link to your Pinterest profile with a social icon, automatically create new pins when you add content to your site, and use Pinterest Analytics to see what visitors are pinning from your site.

Even without connecting your Pinterest account, you can encourage visitors to share your content by enabling Pin It and Share buttons.

Before you begin

We recently partnered with Pinterest to add new features to our integration, including advanced metrics with Pinterest Analytics and options to share content on Pinterest as it’s published. This enhancement requires authentication with Pinterest. The first step in this guide walks you through the process.

To use the new features if you previously connected Pinterest to your Squarespace site, you’ll need to approve the new connection in Connected Accounts:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Connected Accounts.
  2. Click your Pinterest account.
  3. Click Connect, and then authorize the connection between Pinterest and Squarespace.

Step 1 - Connect your Pinterest account

Depending on your plan:

  • In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Connected Accounts.
  • In the Home Menu, click Social Icons, and then click Connected Accounts. (Cover Pages)

Click Connect Account.

Select Pinterest from the Social Accounts menu, and log in using your Pinterest username and password.

Click Allow to authorize the connection between Pinterest and your site. We’ll never post anything to Pinterest without your permission — this authorization adds an option to create a new pin when you publish new content.

Note: It can take a moment for Pinterest to verify your site. If you previously set a website in your Pinterest profile that doesn't match the primary domain for your Squarespace site, an error message will display. Edit your Pinterest profile and enter the correct website to resolve this.

Step 2 - Display a Pinterest social icon

You can add a Pinterest social icon that links to your Pinterest profile.

In Connected Accounts Settings, select your Pinterest account to open Pinterest Settings. Ensure Show Social Icon is checked. The Profile URL is automatically set to lead to your Pinterest profile.

Note: After connecting Pinterest to Squarespace in this step, the social icon will automatically display in most templates, but not all of them. You can also add social icons using the Social Links Block. Learn how these icons display in your template in our template guides.

Step 3 - Push content to Pinterest

You can automatically create new pins on a Pinterest Board when you publish new blog posts, gallery images, and products.

Enable pushing content

To add the option to share content on Pinterest as you publish it, check Show Push Option in Pinterest Settings.

Customize how pins appear

In the box below, enter default text or hover over the ? to view available formatting options.

Note: The content’s URL isn't necessary since it's included by default in every pin.

Select the Pinterest board where pins from your site will appear in the Push Target drop-down menu.

Note: If no board is set, you won't be able to push content to Pinterest. Only one board can be set for pushing content, but your visitors can share or pin content to their own boards using Pin It and Share buttons.

Create Pins when publishing

Follow these steps when you’re ready to publish new content and share it on Pinterest.

Note: A new pin will appear on the Pinterest board you selected in Pinterest Settings. It isn’t possible to select a different board when publishing.
Note: Blog posts and products must have a thumbnail image to display on Pinterest.

When publishing content in the post, product, or gallery image editor, click the Social tab. Switch the Pinterest toggle to on.

You can also edit the default title with text or set formatting options. When you’re ready to publish the content on your site and on Pinterest, click Save & Publish.

Step 4 - Add Pin it buttons

You can add Pin It buttons that appear when hovering over images in Image Blocks, Gallery Blocks (Slideshow, Grid, and Stacked only), Products Pages, individual products, and blog posts. 

To learn more, visit Adding Pin It buttons.

Step 5 - Add Pinterest share buttons

In addition to Pin It buttons that encourage image sharing, you can add Share Buttons to encourage pins of other content like full blog posts and album tracks.

To learn more, visit Adding share buttons.

Note: Pinterest only appears as a sharing option if the item has a thumbnail image.

Step 6 - View Pinterest Analytics

After connecting Pinterest with your Squarespace site, more metrics will appear in your Pinterest Analytics page if you have a Pinterest Business Account.

In addition to the data included in all Pinterest Analytics pages (like views and repins from your Pinterest boards), you can now view statistics on what visitors are pinning from your site. This integration offers insight into the products, images, and posts your visitors like to save and share. You'll also see data on clicks to your site from pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest Analytics is available in Pinterest Business Accounts. To learn more, visit Pinterest's documentation.


If you experience issues with Rich Pins or saving content to Pinterest, try reconnecting Pinterest:

From your Squarespace site:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Connected Accounts.
  2. Click your Pinterest account.
  3. Click Disconnect, and then click Confirm.
  4. Log into your Pinterest account.

In your Pinterest account:

  1. Click Saved.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Scroll down to Website.
  4. Delete any text in that field.
  5. Scroll down to Apps.
  6. Next to Squarespace, click Revoke Access.

After completing these steps, reconnect your Pinterest account.

If you're still having trouble, contact Pinterest.

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Using Pinterest with Squarespace