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Domain contact information

The contact information for your Squarespace Domain (also known as your information) is what you enter and review when you register or transfer it. This guide shows how to enter your domain contact information and edit it any time.

Keep your information up to date

It's important to keep your domain contact information up to date — especially the email address — because:

  • We send important notifications for your domain to this email address.
  • We use the email address to verify domain ownership.
  • Other domain providers may request this information if you transfer the domain to them.

WHOIS privacy

All domain contact information is private, and we won't share it on public records unless you disable WHOIS privacy. WHOIS privacy is included with all Squarespace Domains except for, .de, and .uk.

Contact roles

Each Squarespace Domain has four contact fields that you can assign for different purposes. If your site management team is small, we recommend using the same person for all four contacts. Larger organizations can assign roles to different people if necessary.

  • Owner - The primary contact. The Owner is listed as the official registrant for the domain and receives all domain emails.
  • Admin - The secondary contact. The Admin won't have ownership of the domain but will receive most domain emails.
  • Tech - A backup contact. The Tech contacts only receives critical domain emails.
  • Billing - Another backup contact. The Billing contact only receives critical domain emails and isn't listed in the core WHOIS information.

Formatting contact information

Our system is sensitive about the formatting of these fields. When you register a new domain, transfer a domain to Squarespace, or edit your contact information, follow the formatting tips below and review everything carefully.

Note: None of the registration fields accept special characters, such as ü, é, ñ, or ø.

Email address

  • Use an email address that's not associated with the domain you're registering or transferring. For example, if you're registering, you can't enter addresses ending in This ensures that if your domain is ever suspended or expired, we can still contact you.
  • If you’re transferring a domain, ensure that the email address is one you can access, as this is how we’ll notify you that your transfer is complete.
  • If possible, don't use an Apple email address (usually ending in,, or These accounts sometime mark our verification emails as spam, making it more difficult for you to verify your domain and complete registration.
  • Remove any spaces after the address.

Phone number

  • Enter your phone number with no dashes and no country code, like 5559876543.
  • After clicking Continue or Save, the country code will automatically be added based on the country chosen in your address.


  • In Address 1, include the number and street name of your address only.
  • Use Address Line 2 for information like an apartment or floor number. This field is optional. 
  • If you don't live in Canada or the United States, leave the State field blank.
  • Ensure that the Postal Code is correct and formatted properly.
  • Choose a Country that matches your phone number. This determines the country code.


  • This field must include a minimum of four characters, and at least three characters must be letters. If you're not registering a domain for an organization, this field is optional.

Edit a domain contact

To review and change domain contact information:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Domains.
  2. Click the domain you want to review, then click Registration Information.
  3. In the Registration Information panel, click any contact to review and update their information. To avoid errors, follow the formatting tips above.


  1. Check that the email address listed is correct.
  2. To copy this registration information so it applies to all contacts, check Apply to all Whois records.


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the panel and click Update Whois Record.
  1. In the Home Menu, tap Settings, and then tap Domains.
  2. Tap the domain you want to review.
  3. Tap Registration Information.
  4. Tap on any contact to review and update their information.
  5. Look at the email address listed, and ensure it's correct.
  6. Tap Save.

Verify contact changes via email

After changing any contact information, you'll receive an email from with the subject "Verification Required: Please verify your domain name(s) as soon as possible." It can sometimes take up to 24 hours for this email to arrive.

Even if you verified your domain after registration, you must verify it again after any change you make to the domain. If you don't verify your domain via email, your domain will be suspended in 15 days.

Note: If you change contact information to an email address that completed verification before, your email address is already verified and you won't receive another email.
  1. In the email, click the link in the email to verify your domain.


  1. Click Verify Information in the page that opens.
  2. After verifying your domain via email, the contact information change is complete.

Back up your contact information

Since your domain contact information is important, we recommend saving it somewhere convenient so you have it for your records.

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