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Built-in domains

Every Squarespace site and parking page comes with a built-in domain (also known as a Squarespace URL) that looks like this:  

We automatically assign your account ID (the first part of the built-in domain) based on the name or site title you entered when you start your trial or parking page. Sometimes it’s your name and a random string of characters. You can change this part of your built-in domain at any time. 

You'll always see your built-in domain in your browser address bar when you're logged in, even if you have a custom domain. You can hide it from visitors by registering, transferring, or connecting a custom domain.

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Built-in domain vs. custom domain

Your built-in domain is the unique URL that we automatically assign to you. It always ends in

A custom domain is an address you choose for your site, like If you use a custom domain, it displays to visitors instead of your built-in domain. If you don’t already have a custom domain, you can register one through Squarespace.

Note: Your built-in domain won't redirect to your custom domain. If you have a custom domain, but a visitor accesses your site from your built-in domain, the built-in domain will display in the browser bar.

Change your built-in domain

To edit your built-in domain:

  1. Open the Domains panel. (Depending on your plan, click Settings, and then click Domains, or click Domains. You can also press the ? key while any panel is open and search domains.)
  2. Under Built-In Domain, click the domain.


  1. Enter a new account ID. This becomes the first part of your built-in domain before the
  2. Click Rename. If this account ID is taken, you'll see an error message.


  1. Your built-in domain will change.
  2. You’ll receive an email with the subject "Your Updated Squarespace URL" for your records.
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