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Importing product reviews from Etsy

If you have an Etsy shop, you can import your product reviews so they appear on your Squarespace site. Reviews appear on your product details pages. Before importing your reviews, import your Etsy products.

Tip: To send product review request emails from your Squarespace store, visit Product reviews.

What imports

The product review information we import from Etsy includes:

  • Customer images
  • Customer names
  • Dates
  • Product images
  • Product titles
  • Review body
  • Star ratings

Import reviews

To import Etsy reviews:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Commerce, then click Product Reviews.
  2. Click Import From Etsy
  3. Click Login and Import
  4. Log into your Etsy account and click Grant Access. Your products reviews may take up to 20 minutes to import, depending how many products you have in your Etsy shop. If the import fails, click Try Again and retry these import steps.
  5. After your reviews import successfully, click See Reviews. To ensure the newest reviews appear on your site, reimport your reviews.

Keep in mind:

  • Importing reviews is a one-time process, and we don’t automatically sync your reviews.
  • Reviews import in bulk, meaning all product reviews appear under every product in your store. Imported reviews don't appear only on the specific product your customer reviewed.
  • It’s not possible to style the appearance of imported reviews or change where reviews appear.
  • It's not possible for your customers to add new Etsy reviews on your Squarespace site. They'll need to add their reviews to products on your Etsy shop.

Reimport reviews

To ensure your products display your most updated product reviews, go to the Product Reviews panel, then click Reimport. Doing this pulls in all existing product reviews from your Etsy shop. You can import reviews one time per day.

Hide or delete Etsy reviews

To hide all Etsy product reviews, turn off the Show Etsy Product Reviews toggle in the Product Reviews panel.

To remove a specific Etsy review from your site, contact Etsy and ask them to delete the review from their system. Squarespace can't delete individual Etsy reviews for you. After Etsy deletes the review from their system, reimport your reviews.

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Importing product reviews from Etsy