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Adding a tagline

On version 7.0, most Squarespace templates give you the option to add and style a tagline. A tagline is a short piece of text that tells the world what your site is about. Taglines in Squarespace usually display near the site title or logo, to help reinforce your brand.

This guide reviews how to add a tagline and how it displays on each template.

Taglines are only available on version 7.0. For a similar look on version 7.1, use a logo image that includes your tagline text

Add a tagline

Add or edit your tagline from the Home Menu on a computer or from Settings on the Squarespace App.

To edit your tagline from the Home Menu:

  1. Click Design, then click Logo & Title. You can also hover over your site title on any page, and click Edit.
  2. In the Tagline field, enter your tagline.
  3. Click Save to publish your changes.

Tagline display by template

Each template is unique, and not all templates display the tagline. Here's how the taglines display in these template families.

  • To style the tagline, look for Tagline, Tag Line, or Subtitle tweaks.
  • If your template doesn't have a specific size tweak, use the font tweak to adjust the size.
Template Displays?
Adirondack No
Avenue Yes
Aviator Yes
Bedford No
Brine Yes. Doesn't display on mobile.
Farro Yes. Doesn't display on mobile.
Five Yes. Appears when Banner Content is set to Site Title Logo Tagline in Site Styles. Doesn't display on mobile.
Flatiron Yes
Forte Yes. Appears on browsers taller than 800 pixels.
Galapagos Yes. Doesn't display on mobile.
Ishimoto Yes 
Momentum No 
Montauk Yes. Appears when Tagline is selected from the Header Subtitle drop-down in Site Styles.
Native Yes 
Pacific No 
Skye Yes 
Supply Yes. Doesn't display on mobile.
Tremont Yes. Disappears when there isn't enough room for it to display horizontally. Check Always Show Tagline in Site Styles to display it in the navigation overlay.
Wells Yes 
Wexley Yes 
York Yes 
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