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Advanced settings

In Advanced settings, you can make more complex changes to your site, such as:

  • Create menu shortcuts
  • Import image metadata
  • Create URL redirects
Some Advanced settings options, including code injection, developer mode, and Amazon integrations, are premium features available only in Business and Commerce plans.

Open Advanced settings

To open Advanced settings:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, and then click Advanced.
  2. Scroll to see all settings and make changes. To learn more about each setting, see the table below.
  3. Click Save to publish your changes.

Available settings

Learn more about each setting.


Description and next steps

External API Keys

Use your External API Keys to connect your Google Analytics account, Amazon Associates ID, and Google reCAPTCHA keys.

To learn more about using Google Analytics with Squarespace, visit Using Google Analytics with Squarespace.

To learn more about using Amazon with Squarespace, visit Amazon Blocks. The Amazon Block is a premium feature.

To learn more about using Google reCAPTCHA with Squarespace forms, visit Adding Google reCAPTCHA to forms.

Developer API Keys

Use developer API keys to build integrations with other software.

To learn more, visit Squarespace API Keys.

The Squarespace API is a premium feature:

  • Forms API (for Zapier integration) is available on Business and Commerce plans.
  • Orders API is available in the Commerce Advanced plan.

Code injection

Use code injection to add custom and third party scripts and HTML into your header, footer, lock screen, and Order Confirmation page.

To learn more, visit Using code injection. Code injection is a premium feature.

URL Mappings

Use URL Mappings to redirect from pages that no longer exist to active pages.

To learn more, visit URL redirects.


You can import content from:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Big Cartel
  • Etsy

To learn more, visit Importing and exporting content.

Website protection

Enable clickjack protection in the website protection panel. This setting protects your site and visitors from UI redress attacks (also known as clickjacking), which are attempts to trick visitors into clicking a link that takes action on another, hidden site.


All custom domains include free SSL certificates when connected and pointing to Squarespace sites. Review your SSL certificate status and set security preferences.

To learn more, visit Getting started with SSL.

Menu Shortcuts

Customize the Home menu to display the panels you access most often.

To learn more, visit The Home menu.


Default Text Editor

By default, new pages display one blank text block. If you use Markdown to add content, you can change this so that new pages display an empty Markdown Block instead.

To learn more, visit Markdown Blocks and Markdown cheat sheet.

Image Metadata Importing

Check Enable Image Metadata Importing to import some EXIF/IPTC metadata when you upload image. These are added as titles, descriptions, captions, and tags.

To learn more, visit Importing image metadata.

Escape Key

If Escape key login is enabled, pressing Esc on your keyboard while viewing your site opens the login page.

You can disable this shortcut by unchecking Enable Login with Escape Key.

To learn more, visit Escape key login.

Site Promotion

We sometimes promote our customers’ websites on our Templates page, or on our social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This can potentially increase traffic to your website.

Check or uncheck Allow Squarespace Promotion, depending whether you'd like us to consider your site.

Developer mode (version 7.0 only)

Enable developer mode to build a custom template using custom code.

To learn more about the Developer Platform, visit our developer documentation. Developer mode is a premium feature.

Note: Switching to developer mode replaces your current template with an editable developer template. To edit your developer template, you'll need to use Git or SFTP to connect and and a plain text editor edit your HTML. In addition, your template will no longer receive updates and bug fixes added by our team.


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