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Supported browsers

In this guide, you’ll learn about which browsers work well with Squarespace and the minimum requirements for editing your site.

Supported browsers

You can use the following browsers to edit and view your Squarespace site.


On touchscreen devices, editing may work the same way as on mobile browsers, depending on the device type and browser size.


  • You can edit many parts of your site on Chrome in Android and Safari in iOS and iPadOS.
  • Squarespace sites are optimized for viewing in Chrome and Safari's mobile browsers.
  • Use the Squarespace App for areas that don’t yet support mobile editing.
  • To learn more about using Squarespace on mobile, visit Editing your site on mobile devices

More information

Here are a few other things to note when using a supported browser:

Check and update your browser version

We recommend using the latest browser version available to your operating system. See your browser’s documentation to learn more about checking and updating your version:

Your version of Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer depends on your device's operating system.

Display varies by browser

Minor differences in how your site appears from one browser to another are normal. These differences are often caused by:

  • Browsers using slightly different technology to turn underlying computer code into pages displayed on your screen.
  • Whether you're logged in or out of your Squarespace account. Font and color appearance can vary, depending on your log-in state. This is due to font smoothing and antialiasing methods when the browser renders fonts and colors.

Important browser settings

To log into and edit your site, check if these browser settings are enabled or disabled in your browser:

  • Cookies - Cookies must be enabled in your browser, per our Cookie Policy. Blocking cookies will interfere with editing your site.
  • JavaScript - JavaScript must be enabled to edit your site. Avoid programs that block JavaScript, like anti-virus software.
  • Browser add-ons or extensions - Browser add-ons might interfere with site editing. While disabling them isn't always required, we may ask you to disable them when helping you troubleshoot.

Browser window sizes

Your computer's screen size determines the maximum browser window resolution. For the best experience editing your site, use a browser window at least 1280 pixels wide and 768 pixels tall.

For help finding your browser window's size, visit What's My Browser Size?

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