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Clearing your browser's cache

Your cache is where your web browser saves tiny files onto your computer when you visit a site. This means the next time you view that site, it'll load faster. However, sometimes a web browser will load old content that was cached (saved) rather than the new files you want to view.

Clearing your cache improves your browser function and allows sites to display content from the ground up. If you contact us for support, we may recommend doing this as a solution.

This guide links to instructions for clearing your cache in recent versions of our supported browsers. 


For help clearing your cache in Chrome, visit their documentation:


For help clearing your cache in Firefox, visit their documentation:


For help clearing your cache in Safari, visit their documentation:

Microsoft Edge

For help clearing your cache in Microsoft Edge, visit their documentation:

Internet Explorer (10 & 11)

For help clearing your cache in Internet Explorer, visit their documentation:

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