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Why doesn't my site show up in Google searches?

If your site isn't appearing in searches, there are many reasons why this could be the case. This guide covers some of the most common causes and steps you can take to resolve them.

Your site is too new

If you recently created your site, it's likely that search engines haven't indexed it yet. Sites appear in search results after search engines have had time to crawl the site. This process is called indexing, and Squarespace doesn't have a say in how quickly this can happen.

Check if Google and other search engines indexed your site

Test if your site has been indexed by searching for its exact URL or domain name with no other words (ex: or

If your site doesn’t appear in a search for your domain name, this probably means your site hasn’t been indexed yet. The timing for this is out of Squarespace's control. However, submitting your site to Google or Bing's search tools and requesting an index can normally speed up the process.

If your site appears by searching for your domain but not for other keywords you’d expect visitors to use, try refocusing your content on those specific keywords.

Your site is a trial

Search engines don’t index trial sites. After signing up for paid service, your site is visible to search engines.

Your site isn't appearing for specific keywords

If your site has been active for a while, there’s a chance that it’s visible to search engines but it isn’t ranked well for keywords you’d expect visitors to use to find you.

To learn how to optimize your site with your targeted keywords, visit Adding keywords for SEO.

You recently switched to Squarespace from another platform

Switching between platforms can change your site's architecture and affect search ranking. For best practices to avoid this issue, visit Maintaining your SEO ranking after moving to Squarespace.

Your site or homepage is password-protected

If your site has a site-wide password or a page password on the homepage, search engines won't index it. You can check if your site has a password by logging out and viewing the site or opening it up in a private browser window.

Remove the site-wide or page password and then request an indexing through Search Console to resolve the issue.

Note: If search engines indexed your site before you added a password, your site will appear in search results until it's indexed again and the search engine bots are blocked by your password.

Your page has "no index" tags

You can use custom code to tell search engines not to index your site or specific pages. If you or someone who designed your site added this code, that would explain why it's not appearing in search results.

To check if you've added this code, visit Hiding a page from search engine results.

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Why doesn't my site show up in Google searches?