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Adding a Social Sharing Logo

The Social Sharing Logo sometimes displays on social networks (like Facebook) when you post a URL from your site. While it's optional, adding a Social Sharing Logo helps you affect the image included in social posts linking to your content, even if the page you're sharing doesn't include images.

To learn how we help social networks surface the right image to display depending on the link you're sharing, visit Which images display in social posts.

  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Logo & Title.
  2. Scroll down to Social Sharing Logo. 
  3. Drag your image into the image uploader. You can also click Add a social logo to open a file selection menu, then select a file from your computer.
    Note: Images shared on Facebook must be at least 200px × 200px. However, Facebook changes their preferred image sizes frequently. If your image appears cropped, we recommend experimenting with image sizes for current best practices. For more help, visit Facebook's documentation.

  4. Click Save.

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