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WHOIS privacy

WHOIS is an Internet record that lists information about domains. WHOIS records are used by ICANN, the organization that oversees domain names, for a variety of purposes to keep domains organized and legitimate. The information in a WHOIS record includes:

  • Registration date
  • Name servers
  • DNS records
  • Domain expiration date
  • Registrar organization
  • Domain owner contact information 

These records are stored in public databases like and The term "WHOIS" is frequently used to refer to both the record and the database containing it.

What is domain privacy?

Many domain registrars offer services called "domain privacy," "WHOIS protection," or “private registration” that remove your personal contact information from the WHOIS record. Since these records are public, spam marketers often crawl them for email addresses.

Domain privacy for Squarespace Domains

Many domain providers charge a fee for domain privacy, but Squarespace includes this automatically for all Squarespace Domains. No additional action is needed to keep your domain ownership information private.

This feature keeps your personal contact information safe and protects you from unwanted spam.

Note: WHOIS privacy isn't available for domains ending in, .de, or .uk. To learn more, visit About and .uk domains and About .de domains.

Disable domain privacy

In some cases, you may want to turn off domain privacy. For example, this is part of the process for transferring a domain away from Squarespace.

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Domains.
  2. Click the domain you want to unlock.

click domain

  1. Scroll down and uncheck Whois Privacy.

uncheck whois privacy

After WHOIS privacy is disabled, your contact information will be hidden behind a "Redacted for Privacy" message, but your domain will be eligible for transferring to another host.

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