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Viewing payments

You can view successful Stripe and Square payments, refunds, and other transactions in the Payment Activity panel. Clicking a transaction leads to a detailed payment summary in Stripe.

This may be useful if you want to review refunds, failed charges, and payment processor fees for a specific order.

To view PayPal payments, log into your PayPal Business account. For help with failed charges, visit Failed customer payments.

Open Payment Activity

To view payments:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, and then click Payments.
  2. Click Manage beneath Stripe.
  3. Click Payment Activity.

View payments

Previous transactions are sorted into Payments, Refunds, Failures, and Chargebacks. Transactions display the customer name, amount charged, order number, time, and date

Click anywhere in the row to view the Charge ID page in Stripe.

Search by date or charge ID

You can also click Search to filter the transaction list.

In the Date tab, you can enter a range of dates then click Filter.

In the Charge ID tab, you can search for a specific transaction using its Charge ID.

Note: Search only searches transactions listed in the Payments tab.

Test orders

Test orders appear as successful transactions in the Payments tab while your store is in Test mode. Click the payment to view the Charge ID page on Stripe, and you'll see a test flag at the top.

Note: When your store is live, Test Orders will no longer appear in the Payment Activity panel. For more information, visit Running a test order.


Refunds, failures, and chargebacks

Click the relevant tab to view a transaction list.

Click anywhere in the row to view the Charge ID page in Stripe. You can see more information, why the payment failed, or take action.

Tip: To learn more, visit Stripe's documentation on failed paymentschargebacks, and fraud prevention.
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