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Domain transfer timing

After you get started, transferring your domain to Squarespace can take up to 15 days. Exact timing depends on your original provider and how they release domains. While it can seem like a lot of time, it isn't something Squarespace can control.

This guide explains what influences this timing and steps you can take that might expedite the process.

Steps that impact timing

When you transfer your domain to us, it goes through a few steps to prove that you authorize it. These steps can take time.

You request an authorization code

Before the transfer begins, you'll request an authorization code from your provider. Receiving the code can take up to two days depending on the provider. The timing is out of Squarespace's control.

Your provider confirms the transfer

After you confirm the transfer in Squarespace, your provider acknowledges the transfer and releases the domain. This confirmation step can take up to five days, depending on the provider. The timing is out of Squarespace's control.

When the domain is fully transferred, you'll receive a "Thank You" email from Squarespace. Depending on your original provider, you might receive another email from them to confirm, but not all providers do this. If you're not sure if they released your domain, you can contact them to ask. We have a sample message you can use.

Tips to speed up the process

The total amount of transfer time depends on your original provider. We recommend going through all of these steps to shorten transfer time and minimize interruptions while your domain moves between providers:

  • Before you get started, follow our directions to prepare your domain by unlocking your domain and getting an authorization code. To learn more, see this step.
  • Domains that are already connected to Squarespace will transfer more seamlessly. To minimize downtime during the transfer, consider connecting your domain to your Squarespace site first. 
  • If you have an email address for your domain, contact your provider before transferring to ensure you can keep using it.
  • At the Transfer DNS Settings step, leave all of the options toggled on if possible.
  • After initiating the transfer, avoid changing your DNS settings or signing up for Google Workspace until your domain is fully transferred. While this won't speed up the process, it avoids general connection issues.
  • After confirming the transfer in Squarespace, ask your original provider to speed up the process. With some providers, you can approve the domain's release on their end. 

Check your progress

There are a few status messages to look for in the Domains panel after confirming the domain transfer. The status labels tell you where your domain is in the process and any steps you should complete.

Transfer in Progress - "We requested the release..."

After completing all the transfer steps successfully, you’ll see a message that we’ve asked your current provider to release the domain. At this point, we’re waiting for them.


Domain moves to Managed by Squarespace

When your domain is fully transferred, it will appear in your Domains panel with a green label under Managed by Squarespace.

Transfer Failed

If you see a Transfer Failed message, follow our steps for troubleshooting failed transfers.

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