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Geography analytics

Geography analytics shows you site visits by location. Using an interactive map, you can see a big-picture view of visits by country, or zoom in to see visits by region and city.

The Geography panel can give you insight into:

  • Where you have the most visitors or customers
  • Where you should focus your next marketing efforts
  • How your site or business's reach is growing
The Geography panel is available in all plans.

Review the Geography panel

  1. In the Home menu, click Analytics, then click Geography.
  2. Click the date range drop-down menu at the top of the panel to filter results by time frame. This can be helpful if you ran a marketing campaign in a specific location and want to check the results. Data is available starting from January 2014.


The responsive heat map helps you visualize where your visitors come from and provides exact visitor volume by country, region, and city.

Darker shades represent higher visit volumes. Hover over a country, region, or city to view the number of visits in the area. Click on a country or region to zoom into a more granular heat map within that area.


When you navigate through the map, the table below mirrors your actions. Zooming into a location highlights the corresponding section or row in the table. Click on a location to view more granular data about regions and cities and sort the table by number of visits.

Keep in mind, the table only displays countries, regions, and cities that had more than 0 visits within a given date range. If a location has no visitor traffic to report, it won't display in the table.


You might see a table row that says Unknown. We collect location data by IP address, but not all IP addresses provide that information. When we aren't able to collect location data about a visitor, we record their visit as Unknown.

Discrepancies with Google Analytics

Squarespace and Google have different ways of reading IP addresses to determine a visitor's location, so you may see some discrepancies in geographical data. For more potential differences, visit Using Google Analytics with Squarespace.

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