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Forwarding vs. pointing domains

You can use your Squarespace Domain's Advanced DNS Settings to forward or point the domain to another site or a specific page. 

Forwarding or pointing your domain can be helpful in some cases. For example:

  • To have your domain direct visitors to a new site or page.
  • To direct a subdomain to an element of your brand on a second site, like a store or blog.
  • To direct a domain to a page on your site that's not your homepage.

Forwarding and pointing are advanced domain options that you might not need. This guide reviews some alternatives and explains the difference between the two options.

Note: It's not possible to forward or point a built-in domain.

Recommended alternatives

Forwarding and pointing aren't always the right solutions for what you want to achieve with your domain. Before you begin, see if any of these options are a better fit:

If you want to... Try this instead
Use the same site with a different domain name

Use one of these options, and then set the new domain as your primary domain:

Move a domain to a different Squarespace site

Move your domain between Squarespace sites with our built-in steps

Move the domain to a different platform because you're leaving Squarespace

Transfer the domain away from Squarespace to your new provider

Forward traffic from an inactive or changed URL to an active page

Create a URL redirect

Direct a primary domain to a different page on your site

Set a new homepage

Direct a subdomain to the homepage on the same site

Create a subdomain and set it as the primary domain

Forward or point a domain/subdomain you registered through a third party

Follow your provider's documentation

Forwarding vs. pointing

If the above alternatives don't meet your needs, you can either forward or point the domain from the Advanced DNS settings panel. In most cases, forwarding will cover what you need. 

Use this table for help deciding which option is best for you. It's a summary of the differences, requirements, and process for each:


Forward a domain

Point a domain

When to use it

To direct the domain URL to the new site or page’s URL

To display the domain's URL on the new site or page

What the visitor sees

The domain URL changes to the second site or page’s URL

The domain URL stays visible in the second site or page’s browser bar

What you need

  • The domain or subdomain name
  • A target URL, either on the same Squarespace site or any non-Squarespace site
  • The domain or subdomain name
  • A target URL to enter as a CNAME OR an IP address to enter as an A Record, from any non-Squarespace site. (Also see the note below)

How to set up your records

Use the steps in Forwarding a Squarespace Domain

Use the steps in Pointing a Squarespace Domain

If you’re still not sure which option to use, we recommend contacting the provider of the site you’re connecting to for more help.

Note: To point a subdomain to another Squarespace site, follow our steps for setting up the correct records on both sites. It’s not possible to point a domain or subdomain to a different page of the same Squarespace site.
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Forwarding vs. pointing domains