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Managing discounts

You can manage and edit your store’s discounts in the Discounts panel. This lets you refine ongoing promotions, reactivate expired discounts, and track discount use.

This guide also covers exceptions and rules for discount combinations. If you offer multiple discounts, we recommend reviewing this information to ensure your promotions support your business strategy.

Tip: For an introduction to discounts, visit Creating discounts.

Discount exceptions

  • These exceptions apply to all discounts. You can create your own exclusions and exceptions (like minimum order amounts and restrictions by category) by customizing discounts.
  • Discounts apply to order subtotals. They don't apply to taxes or shipping (except free shipping discounts).
  • Discounts won’t exceed the order subtotal.
  • Customers can’t apply expired discounts. If a customer tries to use an expired discount, they'll see an error message that says "Unable to redeem coupon: this coupon is no longer available."

Combining discounts

To avoid over-discounting, we have built-in combination rules for discounts:

  • Customers can apply one Any order or Orders over discount per order (excluding free shipping).
  • Customers can also apply one Free shipping discount per order.
  • Customers can’t combine multiple Single Product and/or Products by Category discounts.

For example, a customer can:

  • Apply $10 off any order and Free shipping on orders over $100.

A customer can't

  • Apply $10 off any order and 20% off orders over $100.
  • Apply multiple product or category discounts. (If you sell a black leather wallet and have separate discounts for the wallet and all leather items, a customer can only apply one).
Tip: While we have these basic rules in place to help, we generally recommend only offering one or two discounts at a time. Limiting your active discounts ensures that customers can't "stack" them at checkout and helps keeps your promotions clear and memorable.

Discounts and gift cards

Customers can apply gift cards to any order. This includes orders using discounts.

Edit a discount

Open the Discounts panel. (Depending on your Home Menu setup, click Discounts, or click Commerce, and then click Discounts. You can also press the ? key while any panel is open and search discounts.)

Click the tabs to view your discounts by Active, Scheduled, and Expired. Click any discount in the panel to open it for editing. From here, you can:

  • Change the start date. You can use this to schedule a discount for later activation.
  • Change the expiration date. You can use this to reactivate expired discounts.
  • Change the promo code.
  • Edit the discount name.
  • Edit the discount type.
  • Change its limits.
  • Change what the discount applies to.
  • Permanently delete discounts.
Note: Discounts with the earliest start date and time appear first. If there are identical start times, the most recently created discount appears first.

Track discount use

In the Discounts panel, you can view the number of uses for each discount. This is a great way to track a promotion’s effect on your sales.

Tip: You can also review an order's summary to see if a customer used a discount for a specific order.


Invalid discounts

Discounts customers can no longer use have an Invalid tag. You can edit an invalid discount to fix the issue and reactivate it.

 A discount is invalid if it’s:

  • An automatic discount and you’re not on the Commerce Advanced plan or a trial site.
  • A Single product discount for a product you removed.
  • A Products by category discount for a category/categories you removed.
  • A Free shipping discount for a shipping option you removed.


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