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Pages and content basics

Create pages to build your site, then organize your pages in a navigation menu to help visitors explore. There a few types of pages:

  • Layout Pages create custom layouts of text and other content.
  • Collections serve specific purposes and have designs that vary between templates.
  • Index Pages, folders, and navigation links are more options for organizing your content.
  • Cover Pages are bold landing pages or single-page sites.

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Pages and blocks

Layout Pages support blocks, letting you arrange images, videos, text, maps, and more in a customized layout.


Collection pages support specific purposes, such as displaying upcoming events or showcasing a gallery of images. Collections are available in all templates, and their designs and features vary.

Páginas Índice

Index Pages organize content from multiple pages into a single location. It's common to set an Index Page as your homepage. 

Páginas de Entrada

Cover Pages are built differently than other page types and feature bold, eye-catching layouts.

Organize content

Structure your site so it's easy to navigate, then highlight important content.

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Pages and content basics