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Troubleshooting lost content

Squarespace doesn't have auto-save or revision history features at this time, so it’s not always possible to recover content if you accidentally delete something or lose connection. However, there are some ways to restore lost content or undo deletion.

This guide covers how to prevent losing your work, how to restore content, and when content can't be restored.

Find missing content

There are a few situations when content you lost or deleted could still be accessible in another location:

  • If you recently reactivated a site that has no content, first ensure that you’ve reactivated the correct site. If you have the correct site, but it’s been expired for more than 30 days, the content could have been permanently deleted.
  • If you switched templates, your pages and content may be in the Not Linked section of the Pages panel. If the content isn’t there, the new template might not support all the features of your previous template. Review our template guides to learn more about specific features. You can also switch back to the previous template.

Restore accidentally deleted content

If you recently removed or deleted content by accident, review this table for information on recovering the content.

Type of content How to restore
Páginas If a page was deleted in the last 30 days, restore it from the trash can at the bottom of the Pages panel.
Postagens de blog If a blog post was deleted in the last 30 days, restore it from the trash can at the bottom of the Blog Page’s post list.
Blocks, content in blocks

If you deleted content from a block that was already published on the page but haven’t saved your changes, click Cancel to restore the page to the last saved version. Note that you'll lose any changes you've made since you last saved that page.

If you already clicked Save, deleted blocks can't be recovered.


If you deleted text from a Text Block but haven’t saved the page, undo the action in the text editor. Click the Undo icon, or press Ctrl + Z on Windows or + Z on Mac.

If you already saved your changes, deleted text can't be recovered.

When content can’t be restored

Squarespace doesn't have auto-save or revision history features when editing, so content lost or deleted in the following situations can't be restored in Squarespace:

  • If the browser is accidentally closed while editing.
  • If the browser or device closes, crashes, or reloads while editing due to power or network issues.
  • If content is edited in multiple places at once—for example, in two different tabs on your browser, or on the web browser and in the mobile app.
  • Se uma página ou publicação de blog tiver sido excluída por mais de 30 dias. Se tiverem sido menos de 30 dias, acesse Restaurar páginas excluídas e publicações de blog.
  • If you clicked Save after editing pages, blog posts, or other collection items, such as products or gallery images.

Find older ("cached") versions of pages using third-party tools

If you can’t recover deleted content through Squarespace, you might be able to find it using a tool that archives older versions of websites. The solutions below are third-party services, and we can't guarantee they'll always have your old content:

If you find content on a page cached in one of these services, use it as a reference when you manually rebuild the page.

Prevent losing content

Follow these best practices to reduce the risk of losing content:

  • Save frequently as you're editing, especially blog posts or major changes to pages.
  • Try to work on your site only when you have a strong network connection so you can edit and save changes confidently.
  • If you use multiple devices to update your blog, ensure you fully save changes on each device as you go. Making changes to an old version of your site overwrites new changes.
  • Copie e cole texto em outro local, como um documento de texto ou um Documento Google.
  • Mantenha todos os arquivos de imagem originais no seu computador depois de carregá-los em seu site. Você também pode organizar os arquivos de acordo com a maneira como você os carregou.
  • Se você adicionou CSS personalizado ou outros códigos em seu site, salve cópias desses arquivos em um documento de texto ou Documento Google.
  • Review all warnings carefully. Before any content is permanently removed, you'll be asked to confirm the deletion.
  • Se você estiver fazendo grandes alterações mas ainda não tem certeza se deseja mantê-las, inicie uma nova avaliação. Dessa forma, você pode começar do zero enquanto seu site original permanece ativo.
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