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Moving products between pages

You can move products from one Products Page to another.

Note: Products can only move between Products Pages. To add a product to a different content area, like a Layout Page or blog post, use the Product Block.

Step 1 - Select products

  1. No Menu Inicial, clique em Páginas.
  2. Select the Products Page containing the product(s) you're moving.
  3. Press and hold Shift, and click the products you're moving.
  4. Mantenha Shift pressionado para selecionar diversos produtos.

Step 2 - Move the products

Click Move in the action bar that appears below.

Note: Move won't appear if you don't have another Products Page. If you don't see Move, first add a new Products Page.

In the Select Destination Collection window, select a destination page, and then click Move Items. The moved product(s) will appear in the new Products Page.


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Moving products between pages