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Automating sales tax with TaxJar

TaxJar automates sales tax calculation and filing. With this integration, your Squarespace sales data imports to TaxJar automatically, where they create sales tax reports across all states, counties, and cities where you sell products. TaxJar lets you know when your returns are due and offers automated tax filing.

Note: This integration automates sales tax reporting, but you still need to set up taxes in Squarespace Commerce to collect sales tax on orders.
Nota: TaxJar fornisce rendicontazioni di imposte sulle vendite per le vendite effettuate negli Stati Uniti.
Questa integrazione utilizza la nostra API Ordini. Questa è una funzionalità Premium disponibile nel piano Commerce avanzato.

Step 1 - Get your Squarespace Orders API key

To find your Orders API key: 

  1. From your Squarespace Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Advanced.
  2. Fai clic su Squarespace Chiavi API.
  3. Click Create Key.
  4. Enter a Key Name.
  5. Under API Key Scope, click Orders.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Copy your unique API key.

Step 2 - Add your API key to TaxJar

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for TaxJar.
  2. Log into your TaxJar account, and click Dashboard at the top of the page. Then click Connect to Squarespace.
  3. Paste your Orders API key.
  4. Clicca su Salva e continua.


TaxJar will import your Squarespace sales history, and you’ll receive an email when the import is complete. Now you can view your sales tax analysis, understand filing deadlines, and file your returns. Future sales will sync to TaxJar automatically.

To learn more, visit TaxJar’s documentation.

Note: This isn’t an official Squarespace integration, and it falls outside the scope of our support. We can’t guarantee the functionality or full compatibility with Squarespace. For help with the TaxJar integration, contact them directly.
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Automating sales tax with TaxJar