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Pagine parcheggiate

Quando trasferisci un dominio in Squarespace o acquisti un dominio Squarespace senza un abbonamento per un sito Web, il dominio verrà collegato a una pagina parcheggiata. I visitatori della tua pagina parcheggiata vedranno il tuo dominio personalizzato e un video di sfondo minimalista.

Accedi alla tua pagina parcheggiata per gestire le impostazioni del dominio, aggiungere altri abbonamenti o eseguire l'upgrade della pagina parcheggiata a un sito completo. Se esegui l'upgrade a un sito Web con un piano annuale, applicheremo un credito per il tuo nuovo sito. 

To learn more about registering a domain to a parking page, visit Starting with a new domain and parking page. This guide reviews how a parking page works and how to manage its settings. 


Le pagine parcheggiate hanno un design minimalista standard, con un video di sfondo e un logo Squarespace nell'angolo superiore. Il dominio personalizzato viene visualizzato al centro.

A differenza dei siti Web Squarespace completi, progettati per un maggior numero di contenuti e personalizzazioni, le pagine parcheggiate sono placeholder predefiniti. Non è possibile modificare il video di sfondo o il tipo di carattere, né aggiungere codice personalizzato alla pagina.

Squarespace only uses parking pages for Squarespace Domains, meaning visitors won't see ads or other content on your page.


Menu and settings

After logging into your parking page, you’ll land on your parking page menu. This menu looks different from the Home Menu of a full site. It’s simplified to focus on options related to managing your domain(s) and billing.

Your parking page menu always includes:

  • The option to upgrade to a full site
  • The option to purchase or transfer a domain
  • The option to add G Suite email
  • Access to Billing settings
  • Access to SSL settings

Your built-in domain ( displays in the browser address bar when you're logged in, but won't display to visitors. You’ll also see a preview of your parking page. Click the expansion arrow to expand or collapse the preview.

Manage your parking page

Your parking page gives you access to the same Squarespace Domain settings that you'd have on a regular site. Explore the guides below to learn more about each feature. While the guides are written for users with full Squarespace sites, they also apply to parking pages.


  • It's not possible to connect a new third-party domain to a parking page. To keep your domain linked to a different provider while using it with Squarespace, upgrade to a full site.
  • It's not possible to create a new parking page by moving a domain. Squarespace Domains can only move to an existing parking page or site.

Crea un sito

To create a site connected to your existing domain(s), click Build A Site. This converts your parking page into a full site on a 14-day trial. Your new site includes all Squarespace Domains from your parking page. If you signed up for G Suite on your parking page, this also moves to your new site. 

Before you start a trial, learn more about how trials work.

Upgrading to a paid site

If you upgrade your new trial site to an annual plan, we'll apply a credit towards your first year. You won't see a credit if you move the domain to a different site.

To learn more about our billing plans, visit Choosing the right Squarespace plan.

Domande frequenti

Can I use G Suite by Google with my parking page?

Yes. You can link a G Suite account to any Squarespace Domain on your parking page from the Email panel. To learn more and get started, visit Signing up for G Suite.

Can I display my own ads on my parking page?

No. Parking pages will only display the standard video background and your custom domain name, if you have one. Parking pages don’t support code injection, CSS, or integrations other than G Suite.

Squarespace parking pages are meant to hold a spot on the internet until you're ready to build a full website. Parking pages can also be used to hold a domain for a custom email address that doesn’t need a website.

Can I invite contributors to help manage my parking page?

No. Unlike other Squarespace products, parking pages don’t allow for extra contributor logins. Only the owner can log into a parking page.

Can I move my domain to another Squarespace site?

Yes. You can use your parking page's built-in tools to move your domain to another site. Ensure that the site you're moving to uses the same login credentials as your parking page. For the full process, visit Moving a domain between sites.

Can I connect my Squarespace Domain to another provider?

You can forward your domain to a different URL, or work with your new site provider to connect your domain, using your Advanced DNS settings. However, if you're moving your site to a different provider, we recommend transferring your domain to them instead. Note that your domain must be active for 60 days before it’s eligible for transfer.

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