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Aggiornare la carta di credito per la fatturazione

You can change the credit or debit card you use to pay for Squarespace at any time. We charge the same card for all Squarespace subscriptions connected to a site, including a website, domains, and G Suite.

All Squarespace subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each billing period using the credit card information on file, unless you disable auto-renew. If you update your credit card before your next renewal date, we’ll use the updated card for the next payment. If your credit card expires, update your information before your next billing date to avoid a service interruption.

You can use these accepted payment methods for Squarespace billing. If you're having trouble, visit Why was my card declined at checkout?

Prima di iniziare

  • If you manage multiple sites, the card on file for each is handled separately. To update the card for more than one of them, repeat the steps in this guide for each site.
  • If you contact us, we might ask you to verify your ownership of the site by providing information about the card we last charged. To learn more, visit Verifying your account ownership.
  • Questa guida ti aiuterà a cambiare la carta di credito registrata per la fatturazione. Se non intendi eseguire questa operazione, puoi modificare il tuo piano di fatturazione o riattivare un sito.

Update your card

  1. Accedi al tuo sito.
  2. Nel Menu principale, clicca su Settings (Impostazioni), quindi su Billing & Account (Conto e fatturazione).
  3. Clicca su Billing (Fatturazione), quindi su Credit Card (Carta di credito).
  4. Enter your new card information, completing all fields and checking for errors, as any incorrect information will result in the card being declined.
  5. After reviewing the information carefully, click Save.

The fields are:

  • Full Name (Nome completo) - Nome e cognome o azienda
  • Credit or Debit Card Number - For your security, an example number appears grayed out. Click this field to enter a new credit card number.
  • CVV (Codice di sicurezza) - Per carte Visa, MasterCard e Discover, il CVV è il numero di tre cifre indicato sul retro della tua carta. Per carte American Express, il CVV è il numero di quattro cifre indicato sulla parte anteriore della carta.
  • Expiration Month / Year (Anno e Mese di scadenza)
  • Postal Code/Zip Code
  • Country

Step successivi

If your site is past due or you fixed a billing failure

If your last website subscription payment is past-due or you updated your card because you received a billing failure email, saving the new credit card automatically triggers a payment attempt. For website subscriptions, you can also click Retry Payment. Once the payment is successfully processed, a purchase receipt will display.

If your domain expired or your G Suite account was suspended

If your domain expired fewer than 30 days ago or your G Suite account was suspended due to billing failure, you'll need to manually reactivate the account. To learn more, visit Reactivating an expired Squarespace Domain and G Suite pricing, billing, and invoices

Risoluzione dei problemi

If you're having trouble with your credit card, please check with your bank. You can also visit Why was my card declined at checkout? and My site is past due for more help.

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Aggiornare la carta di credito per la fatturazione