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Creating a contact page

You can add a Contact page to your site with content like your Contact information, a form, a map, and hours of operation.

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Use a starter layout

Add a new page with the Contact starter layout, and replace placeholder blocks with your own content:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click the + icon.
  2. In the Create New Page menu, select Contact.
  3. Select a layout option.
  4. Enter a title for the page (for example, Contact us). You can change this later.
  5. A new page will open with placeholder blocks. 
  6. Hover over different blocks to edit them. You can also add new blocks to expand the layout. For more help, visit Building a layout page.


Tip: To build a Contact page from scratch, choose the Blank layout in the Create new page menu. Then add blocks to customize the page with images, text, and other content.

What's included in the Contact starter layout?

The Contact starter layouts display different arrangements of: 

The blocks that display are placeholders. Hover over them and click Edit to add your own content. Click any Text Block to edit it.


Build a contact form

Edit the Form Block to create a custom form for collecting email addresses or allowing visitors to contact you. Form submissions can be sent to your email address, Google Drive, or a Mailchimp subscriber list. You can customize the form with different form fields, a post-submit message, and more.

By default, form submissions are sent to the site owner's email address. You can change this in form and newsletter storage.


Aggiungere la tua posizione

To add a Google Map highlighting your address, edit the Map Block. Clicking the pin opens your location in Google Maps, helping visitors access directions and prevent potential mistakes from miscopied addresses.

Nota: La mappa può visualizzare un solo indicatore di posizione. Per visualizzare più posizioni, aggiungi più Blocchi Mappa.


Aggiungere orari di attività o altro testo

Edit the Text Blocks to include your address, business hours, headings, or any other details you want to display.

Rearrange the layout

Una volta aggiunti i blocchi, puoi trascinarli all'interno della pagina e creare un layout personalizzato. Quindi clicca su Save (Salva) per pubblicare le modifiche.

To learn how to move blocks, visit Moving blocks.

Expand the layout

Add an email or phone link

To display your email address or phone number, you can create an email or phone link.

  • Clicking email links opens the visitor's default email program with a message addressed to the address set in the link.
  • Visitors on mobile start a phone call when they click phone links.


Aggiungere un modulo di iscrizione alla newsletter

A relative of the Form Block, the Newsletter Block is built for encouraging newsletter subscribers. It's less customizable than the Form Block, but this streamlined approach can simplify the sign up process. You can connect a Newsletter Block to Email Campaigns, Zapier, Mailchimp, or Google Drive.

Link ai profili social

Aggiungi un Blocco Link Social per visualizzare icone o pulsanti connessi a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest e altri profili social. Ti basterà connettere gli account da visualizzare nel blocco.

Aggiungere una barra di informazione mobile

Abilita la barra di informazione mobile per visualizzare orari di attività, indirizzo, numero di telefono e indirizzo e-mail in modo chiaro sui dispositivi mobili.

Step successivi

Dopo aver salvato la pagina contatti, puoi:

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