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Adding complex product variants

Per aggiungere più menu a discesa per un prodotto (ad es., Dimensioni e colore), segui questa guida per personalizzare ogni prodotto con diverse varianti.

When you create multiple variants, they appear in separate drop-down menus on a product's page. In the product editor, they appear in multiple rows so you can manage pricing and stock levels for each option.

When setting this up, you'll add a new row in the product editor for every possible combination of options.

Note: You can add an unlimited amount of product options to each product. A single product can have up to 100 variant rows.

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  • To follow this guide, you'll need a product with one Product Option and several variants. For help setting this up, visit Adding products to your store and Adding basic product variants
  • The combination selected doesn't currently change the image displayed. For example, if a customer selects a red shirt, size large when the default product image is a blue shirt, the product image won't automatically switch to a red shirt.
  • We recommend only using Quantity variants for products with unlimited inventory. If you create a Quantity variant option, stock won't update accordingly.


  • Product Option (Options) - Product options appear in columns. These are general categories like size, color, design, or material.
  • Variants - Variants appear in rows. These are the available selections for a Product Option. For example, color is a product option. Red, blue, green, and yellow are variants within that product option.
  • Combinations - Combinations are sets of available variants. For example, a product with options for size and color might have combinations like Small - Blue, Medium - Blue, Large - Blue, Small - Red, Medium - Red, etc.

Step 1 - Open the product

In the Home Menu, click Pages. Click a Products Page. Double-click a product to open the product editor. For detailed steps, visit Editing a product.

Step 2 - Add product options

In the product editor, click the Pricing & Variants tab.


For this example, we'll add both size and color options to our product. The Size option includes two variants, Small and Medium.

Note: The nature and number of options and variants you add to a product are unique to your store. This guide offers general steps that can be adapted as needed.


Click the icon to add a new Product Option. Enter a title and click Save Option.


Add variants for the Product Option.


Step 3 - Create variant combinations

Each row of variants is a possible combination. In our example, two combinations are available:

  • Small Red
  • Medium Blue

To make all options available for sale, we'll need to create rows for every combination. For this product, we'll need to create four rows for all possible combinations:

  • Small - Red
  • Small - Blue
  • Medium - Red
  • Medium - Blue

Click the icon to add variant rows to create all possible combinations.


Note: You can click and drag rows to group combinations, but product option columns can't be rearranged.

Here’s a preview of how this product will look in your store. The actual layout depends on your template and design options:

Unavailable combinations

If a customer selects a combination of variants that hasn't been created, they'll see an "Unavailable" message with a warning that the item can't be added.

In the above example, the customer tried to select both "Large" and "Blue." Large and Blue exist as variants, but the Pricing & Variants tab doesn't have a combination for Large and Blue. We'll need to create a new row to make this selection available to customers.

For this reason, we recommend carefully checking the Pricing & Variants tab in the product editor to ensure that all possible options are available.

Note: Variants and combinations can't be hidden when out of stock. For example, it isn't possible to hide Blue when Large is selected.

Impostare immagini, prezzi e scorte per le varianti 

Aggiungi immagini, prezzi e livelli di scorte specifici per ogni singola variante o combinazione.

Alternative - Create single-variant combinations

As an alternative to the steps above, you can create variant combinations in one Product Option column. This creates one drop-down menu for your customers. You might want to choose this option to reduce the number of clicks required to shop in your store. However, if you have a lot of product options, you might not want to use this method because it can make the drop-down menu long.

Crea una Opzione prodotto come dimensioni/colore e quindi crea delle varianti per ogni combinazione.


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Adding complex product variants