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Adirondack Blog Pages

Adirondack's Blog Page displays as a list of vertically-stacked posts. Clicking a post title opens the full post at its own URL.

Note: To set up your Blog Page and posts, visit Blogging with Squarespace.


On the blog landing page: 

  • The post title and date display above the post content.
  • Check the Blog Post Author tweak to display the author name next to the date.
  • Categories, tags, the date, the source URL, and comments, shares, and likes display below the post content.
  • Adjust the font and color of the date, author name, and other metadata elements with the Blog Meta Info tweaks.
  • Thumbnail images don't display on the blog landing page.
  • To adjust the width of the blog post content, use the Blog Text Width tweak.

On individual blog posts, the layout is the same, but navigation arrows for previous and next posts display above the comments. On hover, the post date and title appears. 



Excerpts display with a Read More link. Excerpts in Adirondack are text-only.


Banners and folders

Each blog landing page and individual posts displays a different banner:

  • The blog landing page displays the Blog Page's thumbnail.
  • Individual blog posts display the blog post's collection item thumbnail.

Blog Pages can display in folder navigation bars.


Title decoration

The Title Decoration tweak adds a decorative element to blog post titles (Underline, Overline, 3 Stars, 3 Asterisks, or None). 

Questo tweak influisce anche sui titoli di pagina che vengono visualizzati su Eventi, Prodotti e Pagine di layout.

Dispositivo mobile

On mobile devices and narrow browsers, content stacks vertically.


Note: For general information about styling your site, visit Structure and style.

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Adirondack Blog Pages