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E-mail degli ordini

Order notification emails are the transactional notifications your customers receive about their orders and shipping information. You can customize the subject, title, and message body of each email to provide additional information and suit your business's needs.

There are three Order emails:

This guide covers editing all three order notification emails.

Tip: You can also create automated campaigns to send marketing emails to customers after they make a purchase.

Step 1 - Go to Notifications

Nel Menu Home, clicca su Commerce, poi su Notifiche cliente.


Step 2 - Select the email to edit

In the Customer Notifications panel, click Order Emails, then choose which email you want to edit: Order Confirmed, Order Fulfilled, or Order Refunded.


Step 3 - Edit the subject line, title, and message

A new panel will open, where you can customize most of the default email content. You can edit the subject line, title, and message. This example uses the Order Confirmed email, but the process is identical for Order Fulfilled and Order Refunded emails. Edits you make to this email notification apply to all product types.

You can use these variables:

  • %o - Displays order number.
  • %s - Displays your site title.

As you make changes, a preview of a live email populates to the right.

  • Subject Line - You can customize the default subject line. For example, the default subject line for the Order Confirmed email is "%s: New Order Confirmed #%o". Look at the example below the field to see how these variables are translated for your site.
  • Title - Use a combination of custom text and the variables below to customize the main header of the email.
  • Message - Use text, HTML, and JSON variables to customize the body of the email. For example, you can include information about how you ship orders, your refund policy, or anything else customers should know.

You can create a custom header and footer for all Order emails in the Header and Footer panel. You can edit your business address in Business Information settings.

Note: We recommend having coding knowledge before customizing order emails with HTML and JSON. While we can help with the steps in this guide, we can't provide assistance for advanced code modifications using HTML or JSON. If you need more help, we recommend exploring the Squarespace Forum, or our list of resources to help with custom code.

Use JSON variables in the email content

When customizing these emails, usually regular text will suffice. There are also variables included in the default email content that you can use. These automatically populate information about your store and the specifics of the order.

In the Subject Line and Title fields, you can use these variables:

  • %o - The order number.
  • %s - The title of your site.

Nel campo Messaggio, puoi utilizzare queste variabili posizionandole all'interno di parentesi graffe, ad es. {order.displayId}: Nome completo (nome + cognome) del cliente
giftCard.giftCardCodeLast4 The last 4 digits of the gift card code.
giftCard.recipientEmail The gift card recipient's email address.
hasPhysicalProduct La sezione apparirà se l'ordine contiene almeno un prodotto fisico
hasDigitalProduct La sezione apparirà se l'ordine contiene almeno un prodotto digitale
hasServiceProduct La sezione apparirà se l'ordine contiene almeno un prodotto composto da servizi
hasGiftCardProduct La sezione apparirà se l'ordine contiene almeno una carta regalo
order.displayId ID ordine di cinque cifre, ad esempio n. 00005
order.refundTotalFormatted The refund amount.
order.submittedOn Data/ora di invio dell'ordine. Questa deve essere calcolata attraverso una funzione di formattazione, data, per essere stampata correttamente nell'e-mail; per questo motivo il modello predefinito riporta: {order.submittedOn|date %B %e, %Y %I:%M%p %Z}

Show the order number with a link to the customer's account.

Nota: attiva gli account cliente prima di utilizzare questa variabile.
website.siteTitle Your site title
%B Nome completo del mese
%e Giorno del mese
%Y Anno completo


Ora del giorno, in formato 12 ore


minuto di ora


"AM" o "PM"


Nome del fuso orario

When you're finished making changes, click Save.

Note: Order emails always include the billing and shipping information customers enter at checkout. Order Confirmed emails for digital and service products don't include shipping details.

Send a test email

To see how an email appears in your inbox, you can send yourself a test email by clicking Send Test Email To

Note: Test emails include order details for a typical physical product order, even if you only sell digital or service products. Details include a placeholder tracking number and a shipping address, which aren't in real emails for digital or service products. To preview emails sent to customers for digital or service product orders, run a test order.

Subscriber settings

By default, subscribers receive the Order Confirmed email once, after the first subscription purchase. To send the email for every subscription renewal, check the box beneath Order confirmations for subscribers, then click Save.

Restore to defaults

To reset the changes you've made, scroll down to the panel and click Restore Defaults. Use caution, as this process can't be reversed.

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E-mail degli ordini