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Squarespace keyboard shortcuts and tips

Use these shortcuts to navigate and manage your Squarespace site. These tips and tricks are useful when you'd rather not click through menus to accomplish common tasks.

Navigation and search

Use these shortcuts to log in and get around Squarespace.

  Mac and Windows

Log in when visiting your site

You can disable this shortcut.


Open/close the full preview


Hide/show the Home Menu


Return to the Home Menu

Double-click the arrow at the top of any panel.

Search for a panel

/ or ?

Search for a panel, like domains or connected accounts.

If your browser uses the same shortcut, your cursor may default to your browser's search field.

Search for a Help guide

/ or ?

Click Search for term on Squarespace Help at the bottom.

If your browser uses the same shortcut, your cursor may default to your browser's search field.

Text formatting

Use these shortcuts when adding text in the Text Block Editor:

  Mac Windows
Ajouter un lien + K Ctrl + K
Paragraph 3 (version 7.1 only) + Option + 0 Ctrl + Alt + 0
Paragraph 2/Normal + Option + 1 Ctrl + Alt + 1
Paragraphe 1 (version 7.1 uniquement) + Option + 2 Ctrl + Alt + 2
Heading 4 (version 7.1 only) + Option + 3 Ctrl + Alt + 3
Titre 3 + Option + 4 Ctrl + Alt + 4
Titre 2 + Option + 5 Ctrl + Alt + 5
Titre 1 Option + 6 Ctrl + Alt + 6
Gras + B Ctrl + B


+ I Ctrl + I


+ Z Ctrl + Z


+ Shift + Z CtrlY

Coller du contenu comme du texte clair

+ Maj + V Ctrl + Maj + V

Page editing

Use these shortcuts when adding content in the Pages panel.

  Mac and Windows

Add a blog post, product, event, or another collection item

When a collection page is open:


Find a block

When adding a block, search at the top of the Block Menu instead of scrolling. For example, try image, audio, or summary.

Resize an image incrementally

Press and hold Shift while dragging an Image Block cropping handle to resize the image in 20-pixel increments for more precise resizing.

Modifications apportées au style

Use these shortcuts when styling your site in the Design panel.

Find a color When changing colors, use HTML color names in addition to HEX, RBG/RBGa, or HSL/HSLA codes.
Find a style tweak (version 7.0)

On version 7.0, at the top of Site Styles, you can search for style settings, like padding or navigation. 

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Squarespace keyboard shortcuts and tips