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Cover Page layouts

A layout is the foundation of a Cover Page. When customizing your page, you'll layer your content onto the layout's structure. Layouts include integrations for adding maps, music, a video, or Twitter feeds. The layout's demo content, like the sample images and text, serves as a starting point and inspiration as you make the layout your own.

This guide walks you through the available Cover Page layouts. You can change your layout any time from the top of the Cover Page Menu.

  • Style settings are specific to the layouts. If you switch layouts, all font, color, and size settings reset to the layout’s defaults.
  • See how your Cover Page will appear on a mobile device.

Layouts vs. templates

Your Cover Page layout acts like a one-page template, with its own distinct features and style settings. When you use a Cover Page, your layout sets the tone of that single page, while the rest of your site follows the structure of your template.

Find a layout

In the Cover Page Menu, click Change Layout to browse all categories and designs.

Use the drop-down menu to sort layouts by category, or choose All Layouts to view all.

Hover over a layout and click Select to set it as your new layout. Click Save at the top of the page to apply the change.

Available layouts

Here's an overview of all Cover Page layouts and steps for adding integrations in specific layouts. While you can adapt these layouts for any purpose, we've designed them with general themes in mind.

Consejo: Si usas los diseños Cover o Reveal y tienes problemas con el formato, intenta ajustar los retoques de estilo, la Colocación y la Alineación.


Use these layouts for a personal or business page, a “Coming Soon” page, or collecting email addresses. 

  • Card
  • Cover
  • Flash
  • Gazette
  • Jacket
  • Mission
  • Reveal
  • Spotlight
  • Trade


Use these layouts for a text-focused personal profile or to highlight bold imagery.

  • Backstory
  • Focus
  • Monocle
  • Montage
  • Portrait
  • Prism
  • Silhouette
  • Snapshot
  • Vanguard
  • Vignette


Use these layouts to highlight audio tracks from a musician or band, or share a podcast episode.

Note: Cover Pages only support .mp3 files up to 20 MB per track.
  • Broadcast
  • Record
  • Session
  • Tour

To add audio tracks, click Audio from the Cover Page Menu.

Next, drag an .mp3 into the Add Track uploader. Click Save. To create a playlist, drag and drop multiple .mp3s.


Use these layouts to share a film, trailer, or other video. With an embedded video, a play button displays on the page. When the visitor clicks it, the video opens in lightbox.

Note: The play button can't be hidden.
Tip: Most layouts also support background videos using a YouTube or Vimeo URL.
  • Debut
  • Premier
  • Projector

To embed a video, click Video from the Cover Page Menu.

Follow our steps for adding a video, using either the direct link or the embed code.

Note: Embedding a video link doesn't automatically upload the video's related artwork or thumbnail. To add related imagery to your page, upload an image in the Media panel.


Use these layouts to display a physical location, like a store, studio, or event location. Clicking on the pin opens the location in Google Maps.

Note: It isn’t possible to add multiple pins to the map.
  • Flagship
  • Harbor

To add a map, click Map Location in the Cover Page Menu.

Enter an address for the pin, then click the + / - in the panel to change the default zoom. 


Use these layouts to display a slideshow of the latest tweets from a Twitter feed or search filter.

  • Echo
  • Status 

To connect a Twitter feed, click Twitter in the Cover Page Menu.

Click Add Account.

Note: A Cover Page can only connect to one Twitter account.

You can display a feed of other people's tweets by hashtag, mentions, or any term. Displaying a search on your Cover Page is a great way to:

  • Show mentions or hashtags about you.
  • Show tweets with a hashtag from a marketing campaign.
  • Show tweets related to a topic in your content.

Check Use Twitter Search, and then enter a search term. 

  • To display tweets by hashtag, enter “#topic”
  • To display tweets by @mention, enter “@yourhandle”
Note: Search feeds display results from tweets posted in the last seven days.
Advanced tip: For Twitter's guidelines on using query operators in their search, visit Twitter’s API documentation.

Press Enter or Return on your keyboard, or click the refresh icon to display the results.

Use the slider to adjust the number of tweets that display in the slideshow, up to 20.

Check or uncheck Show Avatar and Show Display Name to customize how tweets display.

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