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Using Promoted Blocks

Some templates treat the first block in a blog post differently to add extra flair to its layout. These are called Promoted Blocks and are a great way to set posts apart by adding a prominent visual element.

Every template has its own way of displaying Promoted Blocks. In most templates, the block displays above the post's title.

Blogs use Promoted Blocks in these template families:

  • Avenue - Image, Gallery, and Video Blocks
  • Aviator - Image and Video Blocks
  • Flatiron - Image, Gallery, and Video Blocks
  • Ishimoto - Image, Gallery, and Video Blocks
  • Montauk - Image, Gallery, and Video Blocks
  • Native - Image, Gallery, and Video Blocks
  • Wells - Image, Gallery, and Quote Blocks
  • Wexley - Image, Gallery, and Video Blocks

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Create or edit a post

In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click the + icon to create a new post. You can also hover over a post title and click Edit to edit an existing post.

Add a Promoted Block

Blog posts will have a Text Block or Markdown Block as the first block by default. Click the insert point above this block to add a Promoted Block.

For more detailed steps on adding a block, visit Adding content with blocks.

When you're finished composing the rest of the post, click Save or Save & Publish.

Note: Promoted Blocks can't float in text.

The insert point above the default Text Block in a new blog post.

View the promoted post

Preview your Blog Page by clicking the arrow in the top-left corner.

The way the Promoted Block displays depends on the template, but all templates will present posts with Promoted Blocks differently than posts without.

Here's an example of a Promoted Block in Avenue:

Promoted Blocks appear above the post title in Avenue Blog Pages.

Desactiva los Bloques Promocionados

If you don't like how Promoted Blocks look on your site, you can disable them.

  1. En el Menú de Inicio, haz clic en Diseño, luego haz clic en Configuración de Plantilla.
  2. Check Disable Promoted Blocks.
  3. Haz clic en Guardar.
Tip: This option won't appear if your template doesn't support Promoted Blocks.


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Using Promoted Blocks