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Depending on weight shipping

Weight-dependent shipping lets you set shipping charges based on the total order weight. This method is great for stores selling items that are roughly the same size but vary significantly in weight.

Tip: For an overview of the shipping process and our other shipping methods, visit Setting up shipping rates.

Step 1 - Open the Shipping panel

En el Menú de Inicio, haz clic en Commerce, luego haz clic en Envíos.


Step 2 - Add Depending on Weight shipping

Note: It's not possible to create product-specific shipping rates at this time.

Click Add Shipping Option.

Select Depending on Weight.

Introduce un nombre para el envío dependiente del peso en el campo Nombre de la opción. Esto es lo que verán los clientes cuando seleccionen la opción de envío al finalizar la compra.


Step 3 - Add weight ranges

Set the default Weight and Cost in the first weight range beginning at 0.00 pounds or kilograms.


Click the + button to add new weight ranges. This automatically adds a new weight range beginning at 0.01 pounds or kilograms above the previous range.


The last weight range will automatically be set to end in (infinity) pounds or kilograms. This lets you price all orders that weigh more than a specific weight.

El peso se redondea hasta la siguiente unidad de cien. Por ejemplo, si ingresas 10.109, el peso se redondea a 10.11

Note: If the bottom row is set to cost $0, all orders with a total cart weight over that amount will have a $0 shipping cost. We recommend setting a generous cost for the final weight range to cover any large or especially heavy orders.


Haz clic en Guardar.

Step 4 - Set product weights

For your "Depending on Weight" shipping option to correctly charge shipping, you must set weights for all of your physical products and their variants.

In the Home Menu, click Pages. Click a Products Page. Hover over a product and click Settings to open the product editor. For detailed steps, visit Editing a product.

Click the Pricing & Variants tab.

Enter a weight in pounds or kilograms. Click Save.

Change measurement standard (optional)

  1. En el Menú de Inicio, haz clic en Configuraciones y, a continuación, en Idioma  y Región.
  2. Scroll down to Measurement Standard and select Imperial (pounds) or Metric (kilograms) from the drop-down menu.

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Depending on weight shipping