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Squarespace Analytics App

With the Squarespace Analytics App, you can view key statistics for your Squarespace sites from a mobile device. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Antes de comenzar

  • La aplicación Analytics debe conectarse a un sitio activo de Squarespace versión 7.0 o 7.1. Los sitios de Squarespace 5 no son compatibles.
  • Site Owners, Administrators, and users with Reporting permissions can use the app. To learn more about permissions, visit Squarespace permissions explained.
  • You can review recently refreshed Analytics offline. However, you’ll need an internet connection to refresh the latest data.

Using the Analytics App

The app uses data cards to show the same data you can see in Analytics on a desktop. These statistics can help you learn more about how visitors interact with your site. Different data cards appear for different plans, helping you focus on the most important data for your site.

For example, if you’re a blogger on a Website plan, you may want to review your most popular content, the size of your audience, and the sites that refer people to you.

If you have a store on a Commerce plan, you’ll likely want to review your sales, your top products, and any abandoned cart statistics.

If you’re not sure which plan you’re on, log into your site on a desktop and check your Subscriptions panel. For more help, visit What plan am I on?

Tip: Enable push notifications on your iOS device to receive updates about traffic spikes.

Analytics on desktop vs. the app

While the app mostly reflects what you see on a desktop, there are a couple differences:

The Popular Content and RSS Subscribers cards use different filters on a desktop, so your data might look different when switching between the two applications. See the FAQ in the app’s Help Center for more information.

Supported operating systems

Para ver los últimos sistemas operativos iOS (iPhone, iPad y iPod Touch) y Android compatibles, lee los detalles de la aplicación en App Store o Google Play


  1. Download the app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and follow the prompts to log into your account or start a new one. For help logging in, visit I can't log in.
  3. If you have two-factor authentication enabled for your account, you'll be prompted to enter your six-digit authentication code after logging in. To learn more, visit Protect your account with two-factor authentication.
  4. Choose a site from your account to sync with the app. You can sync and view one site at a time.

Getting help

If you have questions about using the app, browse our guides or open a ticket from the in-app Help Center.

  1. From the card overview, tap the ☰ or in the top-left corner.
  2. Tap Help.
  3. Tap Help again to browse guides, or tap Contact Us to open an email ticket.
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