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Styling the Classic Products Page

You can use the Site Styles panel to customize the way products appear on your site. This is a great way to match the design and presentation of your products to your site's brand.

Product styling options vary by template. Use this guide to explore what you can style in the Classic Products Page.

Plantillas admitidas

The Classic Product Page is available in in these template families:

  • Adirondack
  • Avenue
  • Aviator
  • Bedford
  • Five
  • Flatiron
  • Forte
  • Ishimoto
  • Momentum
  • Montauk
  • Native
  • Pacific
  • Wells
  • Wexley

Landing page vs. product details pages

Before styling your products, it's a good idea to understand how Squarespace structures them on all sites. Products are organized in two parts: Products Pages, which create a browsable landing page, and then individual product details pages. These areas share some style tweaks and have their own style options.

To learn more, visit Adding products to your store.

Cambia el estilo de la Página de Productos

  1. Go to any Products Page on your site.
  2. En el Menú de Inicio, haz clic en Diseño y, luego, en Estilos del sitio.
  3. Use the Products tweaks to adjust the landing page style.
  4. For tweaks specific to individual product details pages, exit Site Styles, open a product, then re-enter Site Styles.


  • Click any area of the page in the preview to display only the style tweaks available for that area and hide the rest.
  • If you have multiple Products Pages, style changes will apply to all of them to create a consistent look.
  • Your template may support additional features, such as banner images or page headers, that affect how the Products Page looks.  

Landing page


Visitors to your Products Page see all your products laid out in a grid. Style the grid with the Products Per Row tweak.

Imágenes de productos

Use the following tweaks to style how product images display on the landing page.

  • Product Item Size - Set the shape of the image container. Choose from the following height:width ratios: 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 16:9
  • Product Image Auto Crop - Choose whether the image crops to fill the image container.
  • Product Background Color - This color displays behind images that aren't cropped to the container size.

Here's an example where the images aren't cropped, and the product background color is set to blue:

Product details

The price and title of each item can display on the landing page. 

  • Product List Titles: Under, Overlay - Set the title and price to display under the image or on hover.
  • Product List Alignment: Center, Left - Align text when Product List Titles: Under is enabled.
  • Show Product Price - Uncheck to hide the prices on the landing page.
  • Product Overlay Color - Set the color of the on-hover overlay when Product List Titles: Overlay is selected. Adjust the slider to set transparency.

Navegación por categorías

After you add categories to your products, they can create a navigation menu at the top of the landing page. Customers can use these links to filter the products they want.

Uncheck Show Category Navigation to hide the category navigation on details pages and the landing page.

Style the category navigation with these tweaks. These tweaks aren't available in every template.

  • Category Nav Font 
  • Category Nav Color 
  • Color activo de la navegación por Categorías

Related products

Related products display in a grid at the bottom of the page. You can use these tweaks to change their appearance:

  • Elementos por fila
  • Espaciado entre elementos
  • Relación de aspecto de la imagen
  • Details Alignment: Center, Left
  • Espaciado entre los títulos de los elementos

To learn more, visit Displaying related products.

Details page

Classic Products Pages include some tweaks for the details page view:

  • Show Product Nav - Hide or display a navigation link back to the Products Page.
  • Product Social Sharing - Add Share buttons
  • Product Gallery Size - Set the size of the product image container. Choose from the following height:width ratios: 1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 16:9.
  • Product Gallery Auto Crop - Choose whether the product image crops to fill the image container. If not, the Product Background Color will display behind the image.

You can also choose to display the category navigation on both the details page and landing page.


Visitors to a product's details page see:

  • The item's image on the left
  • Item details on the right
  • A browsable thumbnail navigation below the item image
  • Content from the Additional Info tab displays below
  • A Back To link in the top left that leads back to your Products Page
Note: For Forte and Momentum, the item image shows on the right, with the details on the left.

Botón Añadir al carrito

Adjust the Add To Cart button with the tweaks in the Buttons section. This affects other buttons on your site, such as the Submit button in a Form Block.

  • Style: Default, Solid, Outline, Raised
  • Shape: Square, Rounded, Pill
  • Color del botón
  • Color del texto
  • Fuente


The text on the Products Page follows the same style tweaks as the text on the rest of your site. For example, to change the item title font or color, adjust the Header or Heading 1 tweak. Tweak names vary by template.

Variant drop-down menus are an exception, as they use the same font on all Classic Products Pages. This font can't be changed in Site Styles. 

Efectos al posicionar el cursor sobre el elemento

To display product names and prices over a color overlay on hover:

  1. Go to your Products Page.
  2. In the Home Menu, click Design, then Site Styles.
  3. Scroll down to the Products section.
  4. Set Product List Titles to Overlay.
  5. Use the Product Overlay Color tweak to set the color that displays over the image and behind the text.
  6. Choose whether to Show Product Price.

Ten en cuenta lo siguiente:

  • On mobile, titles and prices always display under the image. The overlay color doesn't display.
  • The overlay color always displays on hover in desktop view. To minimize the effect, select Product List Titles: Under.



Experiment with the style options listed above until you settle on a design you love. We've included a few examples below to help inspire you. Each template may have more style options, such as banners, that can change the page's appearance.

Here's an example of the landing page in the Avenue template. It includes:

  • Navegación por categorías
  • Prices and titles below the image
  • Three items per row


Here's a more minimalist styling on the same template. It includes:

  • Prices that show on hover
  • A blue overlay color
  • Five items per row
  • A taller aspect ratio
  • No category navigation


Here's an example of how the product details page could look:


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Styling the Classic Products Page