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Canceling a domain transfer

If you started a domain transfer and no longer want to transfer your domain, you may be able to cancel the transfer. This guide covers how to cancel domains transferring to Squarespace. 

If you’re transferring a domain away from Squarespace and want to cancel, visit Transferring a domain away from Squarespace.

When you can cancel a domain transfer

After you complete the steps to transfer your domain, we process the transfer request. In the Domains panel, your domain transfer shows a “Transfer pending” status. 

While the transfer’s status is pending, you may be able to cancel it. If your domain provider hasn’t approved the transfer, cancel the transfer in the Domains panel.

Your domain provider can tell you if they’ve approved the transfer. We recommend canceling the transfer with us, then contacting your domain provider to stop the transfer. They can take steps to ensure the domain stays hosted with them.

Cancel the transfer

To cancel your pending domain transfer:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Domains.
  2. Click the domain that's pending transfer.
  3. Click Cancel transfer.
  4. Confirm the cancellation.

If your Domains panel still lists the domain as Transfer In Progress, ask your current provider to deny it. This may or may not be possible, and depends on if the current provider has released the domain.

If you can't cancel the transfer

If your domain provider released the domain to Squarespace, your transfer can’t be canceled. This is because the domain is currently moving from one host to another.

You can wait for the transfer to complete, then prepare to transfer the domain away from Squarespace. Keep in mind, most domains are required to stay registered with a new host for 60 days following transfer.

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