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Offering multi-day and overnight appointments in Scheduling

You can offer multi-day workshops and similar events with Scheduling. This guide explains two potential solutions for multi-day appointments, and how to handle appointments that go past midnight.

Note: Scheduling isn’t a good option for businesses that focus on overnight or multi-day rentals.

Option 1 - Set up multi-day events with a group class series

Use this approach if you’re offering a retreat weekend or similar event. When you turn a group of classes into a series, clients have to book all of the classes as a group to sign up. Create a class series for each date range you want clients to book.

To use this approach:

  1. Create a group class, and set it up as a series. Use the class details, such as the name and description, to make it clear that this is for a multi-day event.
  2. Offer the class for each date range you want clients to attend.
Tip: After the multi-day class series has begun, clients won’t be able to book this event online. To schedule a client into an in-progress multi-day event, book them through the Scheduling panel.

Option 2 - Create shorter appointments with hidden durations

If you want clients to be able to book multi-day appointments through your scheduler and aren’t concerned with other Scheduling features no longer working for you, you can use appointment with hidden durations.

Create appointments with short durations, set the durations to only display internally, and use the appointment type name or description to communicate the actual duration of each appointment.

Note: These appointments won’t engage with many of Scheduling’s features, including overbooking protection and the ability to accurately sync with third-party calendars. And hiding durations will hide the duration of all appointment types, not just your multi-day appointments.

To use this approach:

  1. Create an appointment type with a duration of an hour. Edit the appointment type name, description, or both to include the actual duration of the appointment.
  2. In the Scheduling Page Options panel, check Hide duration to hide appointment durations.
  3. (Optional) Edit your email notification templates to list the actual duration of the appointment.

Book appointments that go past midnight

You can offer appointments that continue past midnight, like all-night jam sessions, if you book the appointments on a client’s behalf. The appointment details and notifications will include the correct appointment end times. On your appointment calendar, the appointment will be cut off at midnight. It won’t appear on the next day’s appointment calendar. It also won’t block off time to prevent double-booking after midnight.

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Offering multi-day and overnight appointments in Scheduling