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Switching to Scheduling

If you’re using another booking service and looking for a better solution, we’d love to have you join Scheduling. This guide explains Scheduling’s key features and how to get started.

We recommend disabling your old scheduling program after your new scheduler is live. This ensures clients have a live option for booking and avoids you having new appointments coming from two sources.

Tip: Sign up to attend our Squarespace Scheduling 101 webinar on December 9th where we'll teach you the basics of Scheduling. You'll learn how to start a Scheduling trial, set your availability, create appointment types, accept payments, and more.

What is Scheduling?

Scheduling is an online booking tool. Use it to manage appointments, offer group classes, accept payment during booking, automatically remind clients of upcoming appointments, and more. 

Scheduling integrates seamlessly with Squarespace websites, but you don’t need any other Squarespace offerings to use Scheduling. You can also use Scheduling with nearly any other website, or use it without any website at all.

Set up Scheduling

To start using Scheduling, sign up for a free trial. Review the steps in this section to get up and running with your new scheduler.

Step 1 - Set your hours

Enter your availability to manage when clients can book appointments. If you have the same hours every week, set repeating hours.

Step 2 - Create appointment types

Create appointment types to represent the services you offer. When clients book, they’ll choose an appointment type, then review the times that you’re available.

Step 3 - Import clients and appointments

Import your clients and appointments from your current scheduler to get your business started. To learn more, visit Importing appointments and clients.

Step 4 - Start accepting ​​payments

Scheduling integrates with Square, Stripe, and PayPal to accept payments online. Connect your payment processor account to start accepting payments when clients book.

Step 5 - Share your new scheduling link

Embed your scheduler on a Squarespace site or other website, or send clients a direct link to your scheduler. Either way, ensure they know where to find you to book online.

If you’re using a Squarespace site, consider integrating Squarespace Email Campaigns to let clients know about your new scheduling tool.

Step 6 - Upgrade to paid service

After you’ve set up your account and switched to Scheduling, upgrade your free trial to one of our paid plans

Step 7 - Cancel your other scheduler

With your scheduler set up and new bookings coming in, cancel your old scheduler or make it private. Avoid having two schedulers set up at the same time to avoid double bookings between them.

Learn more

The best way to learn about Scheduling is to start a free trial and experience our product first hand. For more help, visit the Scheduling category of our Help Center.

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